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Cursing by Proxy

Today sees me in a somewhat laconic mood. Yours truly’s midday return back to Leeds, after a brief but pleasant tarry to the manor of its city cousin York, manifesting within me a melancholic prevailing outlook. Consequently, Thursday’s verbal interactions have been markedly sparser of content than usual. Those utilised are predominantly laden with cynicism, dolefulness and lugubrious advocacies which, although not uncommon in normal day to day exchanges, are […]

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Tattoo Or No Tattoo; That Is The Question!

In a move deserving of the word cliche, despite being firmly entrenched in my 50’s, I’m contemplating getting my first tattoo. An urge some will observe as an indication of a mid-life crisis; my desire to embrace body art at this juncture of the ageing process an attempt at reclaiming some semblance of youth. My accusers maybe not far from the mark, you certainly do evaluate your life more thoroughly […]

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An Exact Science

I’ve just returned from a Health Circuits class at John Smeaton Leisure Centre (JSLC). With the restoration of my post-exercise heart beat back to normal, along with the consumption of a half litre bottle of water, increased serotonin levels are re-invigorating me both physically and mentally. I’m no scientist, in fact so indifferent was my schooldays interest in biology, chemistry and physics, at 14 I dropped the science subjects as […]

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Two Tribes

Today’s itinerary includes the production and publishing of website prose, a gym session, a pharmacist visit and choir rehearsal. Events ensuring I’ll spent my next few hours in the company of creativity, perspiration, medication and enthusiastically delivered warbling….. And that’s just when I’m writing! Seriously, though, the penmanship and choir attendance undertaken as vehicles towards improving my mental health wellbeing – The gym and medication necessary for yours truly’s physical […]

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Filling Good

Last summer’s two week stay in the Betty Ford Clinic (BFC), where a strict regime of good diet, drinking more water than’s held in place by the Hoover Dam and counselling, resulted in me departing it’s buildings and grounds with my Haribo gummy sweet addiction in check. Yours truly’s favourable outcome consequential of a fortnight’s focus, discipline and stoicism on my part. This addiction bringing with it misery, pain and […]

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A Matter of Trust

Dank weather envelopes West Yorkshire this Tuesday morning. Or at least it did until a few moments ago when solar rays briefly emanated from an axe wound shaped aperture in overhead cloud formations, prior to swiftly teleporting back to whence it came. The first paragraph not the most exciting thing you’ll ever read. However, stick with me and I’ll endeavour to raise the interestingness level of the remaining prose to […]

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Resolution Procrastination

Saturday 4th January – It’s early afternoon as I commence this prose. My observations relayed whilst residing in a south Leeds retail outlet’s food court; along with thousands of prospective consumers, my companions an oft utilised laptop and Americano coffee. The low winter sun shining through the glass dome roof overhead adds a glow to Christmas decorations enjoying their final day exhibiting chromatic displays prior to tomorrows twelfth night and […]

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