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Giving Thanks

The final week of my Canadian odyssey has coincided with this vast and beautiful nations Thanksgiving. A time when it’s populous give thanks for a plentiful Fall harvest, gratitude at living in this beautiful country, along with honouring unofficial king William Shatner. As an Englishman I’m unsure if I’m allowed to take part in these submissions of gratitude. If so though, after a challenging year where I’ve experienced two life […]

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I’m A Human Being….

“You’re Welcome!” A retort I’ve heard on numerous occasions from my hosts since arriving in Ontario; ordinarily in response to gratuitous responses of “Thank you.” I’m unsure if that is a nationwide Canadian trait or merely the good manners afforded by residents of the Ontarian province. Irrespective, it’s behaviour I find endearing and worthy of mention in essay. On only day six of my vacation on the largest landmass on […]

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Ontarian Toon

Over the years I’ve put pen to paper (or typed text to Word document) in a variety of locations. Some the more pleasing environments of European holiday destinations, the kaleidoscopic garden at my Leeds home, along with my Uncle Arthur’s orangery which has stunning views of the Great Wall of China……. Incidentally, the latter is a splendid Chinese restaurant in Cleckheaton; Uncle Arthur doesn’t reside close to that particular Seventh […]

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Sixth Sense & No Sense

It’s Thursday afternoon, I’m currently bound for Manchester airport station on the 14.50 train from Leeds. The locomotive carriages packed like my case, which lays under a ruck of luggage six feet from yours truly at the end of this compartment. Not crammed full, though with t-shirts, jeans, shirts and undies like my holdall. Moreover, jammed with a congregation of unsmiling individuals with faces liked slapped arses, and quite possibly […]

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JD in HD

Yesterday, my East Ardsley abode (well my mum’s to be more accurate) saw the return of Mrs S senior from her week long holiday in Bridlington. Consequently, I’ve now returned to a life incorporating the old lady’s repeatedly asked enquiries, along with the home’s TV ‘graced’ with fueilletons. Soap operas which my sister Helen dubs as “Mum’s rubbish telly”. Like her daughter our mother Maggie is a bright, caring, funny lady. […]

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Impossible Dream

Deeming potentially life threatening rises in cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat as insufficient penance for a misspent younger years, god also feel the need to inflict trial by nasal hair upon the middle-aged male. These irritatingly difficult to cull nostril strands, requiring frequent grooming, a carbuncle on once bald nasal passages. High maintenance follicles whose unsightly nature automatically attract the eye of anyone within it’s close proximity. I reckon […]

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Literary Inferno

I’ve recently returned from the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC), in South Leeds, where I purchased a new printer upon which I intend to produce Word document copies of my daily narratives. At the cost of £19.99, this a gracious offer from monsieur WH Smith and his splendid stationery emporium. Quite perversely, the purchase price less than that of forking out for new ink cartridges for my old hardware. GJ […]

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