Patience Required

Post-heart attack I've unsurprisingly striven to avoid situations that'll raise my blood pressure. Consequently, I'm currently staying clear of listening to/watching Leeds United games, listening to/watching Leeds Rhino rugby league matches, exposure to England Test crickets encounters and (apart from writing) numerous other avenues of pleasure. I'm also attempting to stay clear of my wife … Continue reading Patience Required


Today's literary effort sees the third in a trilogy of tongue in cheek narratives surrounding my attendance at Heathfield Senior High School on Low Fell, Gateshead. Sadly for the reader, my trinity of completed works isn't as entertaining as, say, the original Star Wars or Back to The Future trilogies. In my defence, though, I'm … Continue reading Duck!!

Any Umbrellas?

Today is the first day since being discharged from hospital that I've felt less energetic than the previous day. Enveloped in a veil of lethargy, currently my only desire is to rest in my recuperative slumber pit, attempting to try coax out that errant vitality. Unlike in the nursery rhyme Hickory, Dickory, Dock, when casa … Continue reading Any Umbrellas?

Kris’ Selfless Legacy

Ordinarily, I don't watch breakfast TV magazine shows. Indifference to celebrity gossip, unashamed self publicity of guest's new books and show biz 'idols' showing similar indifference in reporter Dan Wootton's selfies, negating my desire to pay it much mind. This morning, though, I was glued to a segment of ITV's Lorraine show, featuring a remarkably … Continue reading Kris’ Selfless Legacy

Many A Mickle Maks A Muckle

Yesterday proved to be a productive day for yours truly. The itinerary commencing with a visit to Wakefield Hospice, allowing my mum to witness pater's memorial leaf on the 'Tree of Life'. This followed by a trip into Morley for household goods, booking my car in for it's MOT and the disposal of a pile … Continue reading Many A Mickle Maks A Muckle

Prudence Amongst The Primulas

A visit to the garden centre is on the itinerary today. The goal to purchase primulas, stand next to scented candles loudly exclaiming “They smell good, but they're bloody expensive!” and price an innovative new lawnmower powered by middle aged cynicism. My intention is to amalgamate the primulas with the daffs, tulips and bluebells to provide a synergy of spring colour dans … Continue reading Prudence Amongst The Primulas