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A Futile Rant

This morning, I was greeted at the breakfast table by the news my wife Karen was feeling under the weather. This malady another example of her bad days where her odious carcinogenic illness gains an upper hand; causing her return to bed for recuperation. Her energy drained as a consequence of her enduring physical battle with her medical nemesis, this return aimed at a re-invigorating boost by slumber, or the […]

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Karma’s Perversity

Monday 14th May – There’s an old adage that ‘No good deed goes unpunished’. Yesterday afternoon it was a folklore teaching I was rudely reminded of by my ‘good’ buddy karma, in cahoots with his rancid sidekick cancer. Following undertaking five hours voluntary work for MacMillan Cancer Support, I returned home to witness the ‘reward’ for my magnanimousness a sight of my spouse in severe pain from her long standing […]

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Dissing The Disease

Tomorrow morning I’ll be partaking in a voluntary collection for Marie Curie cancer care. My presence a small contribution towards the raising of funds during the organisation’s March Daffodil Appeal campaign. I experience a great deal of satisfaction being a foot soldier in the battalions fundraising the fight on numerous fronts against cancer. An odious, unwanted part of my life since dusk started to fall on the year 2010. For […]

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More Venting On An Advent

Yesterday, my other half returned to West Yorkshire after a three-night visit to her parents in Birtley, County Durham. As part of her home town’s legislation, any of the townsfolk that leave the inside of it’s metaphorical walls have to return every three months for stone cladding refresher courses. An edict my missus was about to breach…… Failure to adhere to this dictum results in the guilty party having to return every two months, instead of three. My spouse’s dad […]

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Kindly Disregard This Letter

This mornings solar rays in East Ardsley are making a concerted effort to lift my sagging spirits. As they blaze through an open French door onto my makeshift scribing desk, I can hear them attempting to cajole me into action with the words “Cheer up you miserable bleeder, worse things happen at sea!” Actually, I’ve just realised that was my mum speaking to me not a mystical solar messenger. She didn’t use the […]

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The Entitled Species

Self-entitled society; inconvenience them not Their rights akin to ones they’d deny others Selfish; nauseating trait of the misguided Shellfish; nauseating comestible if mis-cooked.   Selfie society, crave contemporary pictorial autograph Assassins smile for camera with their endangered trophy A memory snapshot for grandkids to admire hence Grandpa’s wildlife slaughter his unspeakable legacy to progenitors.   Circle of life decrees unavoidable prey demise Circle of life decrees not trophy slaughter […]

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Sonnet Spontaneous

Sonnet spontaneous Unplanned prose defiling chaste page Epiphany evasive; topic timid Dining chair in situ; inspiration yeti’s holy grail Sustenance on hold in domain digestion. Newsday of sloth speed, subject secreted safely Will anecdotes of procrastination suffice? Does drugstore sojourn present potential? Yeti ventures not, along with earlier blog disclosure Should he leave Pepys, Mole and Jones’ to journals aujourd’hui. A licence artistic yeti’s potential recourse Fictionalise day, wax lyric apocryphal Concoct to […]

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