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A Rite of Passage

Yesterday, in the narrative Till Death Us Do Part, I wrote of a late April evening in 1970 when introduced to the misery of witnessing my football amours, Leeds United, falling at the final hurdle. The first of many heartbreaking experiences over the past five decades when they were a hairsbreadth from achieving their seasons trophy or promotion objective(s). Don’t get me wrong, there’s also been many highs while following the West Yorkshire […]

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Till Death Us Do Part

The journey started on Wednesday 29th April 1970 when I was seven summers old. On jumping out of bed that particular morning my mood reflected the bright sunshine fulgently radiating through open drapes into my easterly facing bedroom. On leaving my bed chamber, I undertook my habitual sideways run down the stairs of my home in Low Fell, Gateshead. A sojourn that continued through the hall and living room, eventually […]

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Audience With The Pope

I’m penning this offering accompanied by the BBC Radio Leeds commentary of the Leeds United v Rotherham United. The voices of commentator Adam Pope and ex-Leeds player Noel Whelan my self-inflicted distraction to the writing process. As you’d expect this following of events at Elland Road handicaps my focus and concentration. Attempting to write a narrative when your completely distracted is a new experience for yours truly. When I endeavour […]

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Puma Boots & Sock Tags

As a child growing up in the 1970’s, my aspirations for adulthood were to mirror my then hero Allan Clarke. A fledgling dream to lead Leeds United’s (LUFC) strike force to domestic and European honours, like Clarke, clad in Puma football boots and gleaming number 8 sock tags. Unfortunately, they were existential desires that were never fulfilled. As the aging process took it’s natural course, I learned you need more […]

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Bielsa’s Club Is A Devil Of A Side…..

Yesterday evening, Leeds United (LUFC) were leading 4-1 at Derby with only 20 minutes of the match remaining. Unashamedly armchair supporting from the comfort of my home, I misguidedly still countenanced the possibility of LUFC leaving the east Midlands pointless. Bearing in mind that score-line, along with LUFC coach Marcelo Bielsa’s team’s sheer dominance in the first 70 minutes, mine was a ludicrous notion. Sadly, though, when you’ve lived through […]

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Careless Hands

Sunday 27th May – One of the first televised football matches I recollect from childhood occurred on Saturday 11th April 1970 – The showpiece FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Leeds United. Unlike it’s contemporary version, an era when claiming the premier cup competition in England was more aspirational to the games big-hitters. From memory it was a game dominated by Leeds United, with fleet of foot winger Eddie Gray […]

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Walk On The White Side

On Tuesday evening, I took a journey on foot that I’ve taken many of times over the past 47 years. A sojourn that commences with parking in the vicinity of the Dragon Pub on Whitehall Road, Leeds, with a ultimate destination of Elland Road football stadium. It’s a walk that starts with crossing Whitehall Road, followed by an amble down a bramble bush and stinging nettle laden ginnel; strolling it’s 200 yards or so of well worn path until it unceremoniously ends as you […]

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