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Within the next few days I’ll reach a couple of milestones on this enduring blogging odyssey. Firstly, today’s narrative is the 1,800th piece I’ve penned since, five years ago, embarking on this sojourn by syntax. The second juncture of note is that of the aforementioned five year anniversary of me writing, along with publishing the inaugural blog on my website, on 25th March 2015. A journey which in part […]

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As alluded to in yesterday’s journal Hide & Seek With The Pathogen, I’ve aspirations of a Pepysesque chronicling this era at the mercy of COVID-19’s conniption. Consequently, for the duration of the viruses brutal grip, I’m treating these daily journals as diary entries of how Gj Strachan’s emotions fluctuate during these unprecedented times. Links to these observations collated on my website on the page The Corona Essays. I find penning […]

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For Mash …..

Commencing this second narrative of the day, its 6.30pm and GJ Strachan currently perches on a dining room chair ensconced within my West Yorkshire abode. Interspersed with jotting down notions, I gaze out into the darkness of the back garden with a rear door wide to the wall. An action taken to allow a cooling breeze to circulate the noshing chamber. This requirement for introduction of a chill wind resultant […]

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Toasting The Bard of Argyll

25th January 2020 – Today sees Scots around the world marking the birthday of 18th century Caledonian poet and lyricist Rabbie (Robert) Burns. Incorporated within these global Burns Night celebrations revellers will feast on haggis, neeps and tatties; along with partaking in a wee dram to toast the national poet of Scotland. In some cases, recitals of the Bard of Argyll’s poetry will also be given a perennial airing. I […]

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Cokes – She’s The Real Thing

Yesterday’s essay On The Road To My Horizon was chronicled shortly prior to attending my inaugural Pilates class. An impulse booking made the previous evening whilst scouring the Active Leeds website for suitable classes to maintain my recently commenced fitness regime. Prior to taking my place on the Pilates mat, apart from an understanding the exercise scheme was orientated towards strengthening core and improving posture, I’d no real idea what situations […]

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Valuable Lesson Learned

Despite being the most distressing life event I’ve thus far experienced, I never wept when my father died in the October of 2017. I similarly remained tear free during his funeral, even while delivering a twenty minute eulogy I’d written as a tribute to a man I adored. A beautiful person whose passing devastated me; his departure leaving a cavernous void in my soul that feels like it’ll never mend. […]

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To Be Frank

Lately, I’ve regularly been accompanied with a background narration from an audio book. A literary entertainment medium which I’ve found solves the erratic concentration levels I experience when physically reading a hardback or paperback tome. Predominantly streamed while I’m driving, this method of audio delivery fuels seedling aspirations I’ve held for a few months of narrating excerpts of my writing via podcasts. Thus far, they’re notions that’ve not evolved any […]

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