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Get Down Shep!

With autumnal temperatures starting to drop in West Yorkshire, it appears the season has shaken off it’s apparent indifference to conclude 2018’s warm spell. The death knell is ringing for deciduous flora and fauna that over the last eight months have graced the front and back gardens of casa Strachan. Soon it’ll be time for the garden furniture to hibernate until next March/April, not returning until post-winter dormancy ends, providing […]

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A Nice To Know

This afternoon I ventured west to Morley, the market town on the south west periphery of Leeds, West Yorkshire. It’s town hall, a grade 1 listed building constructed in 1885, apparently bears a strong resemblance to Bolton Town Hall. Knowledge I’ve recently acquired thanks to a rather random Wikipedia snippet I read a few minutes ago. I’m unsure why the author of Morley Town Hall’s Wiki page felt the need […]

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Pear Tree Without A Partridge

Today would’ve been my mum and dad’s 58th wedding anniversary; the first since he passed ten days after last year’s commemoration of the same event. It was a time he was so poorly the old man was unable to write his message of endearment in my mother’s card. Necessitated me penning the words of affection, which he relayed to me in his failing Yorkshire tones. My writing isn’t as neat […]

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Tower Town Tale

I had a drive over to Blackpool yesterday, dropping mater off at the home of long-standing close family friends – A clan who’ve been thick as thieves with my brood since meeting in their native Leeds in early 1960’s. Although the tower town is a place I’ve not visited much in adulthood, it’s a domain that rekindles numerous fond memories from childhood. Times of sun, sand and sh***ing myself aboard […]

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My Wedding Day

Today’s my Pearl wedding anniversary. Thirty years since I walked down the aisle of a County Durham church with my new wife. On this sunny September morn, the Best Man (my brother Ian) and I arrived slightly late at the church. Our tardiness the result of our kid’s being set to British Summer Time instead of Birtley Summer Time. Thankfully, though, our poor punctuality hadn’t resulted in my bride-to-be beating us to […]

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“Tonight’s Episode – Hear No Evil!”

This afternoon, a cool wind swirls around the grounds of casa Strachan, consequently the washing line in situ linen sways bewitchingly in my close proximity. A glimpse of the sheets gentle movement so calming it earlier hypnotized me into a drowsy state; a sensation I awoke from as a non-smoker……. That being said, I didn’t ‘light up’ prior to hypnosis by swaying linen, so I’d have been pretty miffed to […]

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Pint at The Jolly Miller

Scene – Outside a public house on Low Fell, Gateshead in 1982. A winter’s night when….. Actually, I’ll leave it to the sinister voice of Vincent Price to paint the picture…… “Darkness falls the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorise the neighbourhood. Although you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. But no mere mortal can resist a […]

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