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A Dixie Christmas

A trumpeter is serenading me with an instrumental version of Frosty the Snowman as I commence this literary offering. To clarify, the guy isn’t just serenading me in the front room of chez Strachan senior. He’s part of a quartet entertaining the massive queue of kids/parents below the mezzanine which bears the coffee shop where I’m plying my penmanship. The group of four dressed in fancy dress, accomplished musicians playing […]

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Beside The Seaside, Beside The Sea

I’m back in East Ardsley, West Yorkshire, after an enjoyable few days break residing in a lodge at Heysham on the Lancashire coastline. This pleasant enough town, an Irish Sea port for ferries to the Isle of Man and Ireland, which although accessible by road not wardrobe I’ve been unreliable assured is twinned with Narnia. Thankfully, though, there was less snow, lions and witches in Heysham than Narnia. When I say […]

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A Quatermass Query

Since taking up residence in my mum’s home she’s felt moved to make sporadic reference to the plethora of device charging cables that now languish unceremoniously from her plug sockets. On one occasion commenting “It’s like being in an episode of Quatermass with all these bleeding cables, Gary!!”……. I’d no idea what that meant, however I laughed politely anyway at my landlady’s baffling submission. This morning, in reference to the knotted […]

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As I begin this prose I’m taking temporary residence in a Costa coffee house in the White Rose Shopping Centre. My OCD being severely tested by having to utilise a different cafe than normal due to flooding at my usual eatery. Circumstances that’ve led to feelings of angst, an outbreak of hives and a desire to buy cheesecake. Yesterday during a conversation with an acquaintance***, in a tete-a-tete about my summer […]

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GJS 1-0 Comfort Zone (After Extra Time)

I’ve just arrived back home after my two day sojourn south to Bedfordshire where I performed some of my writing to an audience of ladies and gents from Barton-le-Clay village. judging from the congregation’s reaction, this inaugural attempt at orating my work proving to be a highly successful undertaking by yours truly. My ‘script’ the yarns I’d written during a recent adventure across the pond, published on my website […]

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I’m commencing this Sunday morning blog sustained by a comfort food breakfast of a cuppa and sausage sandwich. I didn’t get an opportunity to pen a narrative yesterday; a result of spending time in the company of with my brother Ian. Yours truly’s younger sibling my lifelong best buddy who I’d not seen for around six months…… And, no he hasn’t been in prison, our kid just lives miles away. […]

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Brexit Babblings

There were numerous great experiences which enhanced yours truly’s life during my Canadian adventure. Amongst them the warmth of the individuals I deem blessed to become acquainted with; not to mention my serendipity at being given an opportunity to witness some truly enchanting scenery. Since my return it also dawned on me, on becoming reacquainted with British TV, how splendid it was not to hear one mention of Brexit for […]

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