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Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

On the morning of 14th February I was greeted by an unexpected audible ping on entering the living room in Chez Strachan. Foolishly, I romanticised this aural distraction maybe emanated from Cupid’s bow string; its source the forceful triggering an arrow in my direction; a gesture of amour from a love struck valentine. A notion, though, soon dispelled when I realised the noise’s origin wasn’t an act of the god […]

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Cursing by Proxy

Today sees me in a somewhat laconic mood. Yours truly’s midday return back to Leeds, after a brief but pleasant tarry to the manor of its city cousin York, manifesting within me a melancholic prevailing outlook. Consequently, Thursday’s verbal interactions have been markedly sparser of content than usual. Those utilised are predominantly laden with cynicism, dolefulness and lugubrious advocacies which, although not uncommon in normal day to day exchanges, are […]

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Calm After The Storm

After the consternation borne from anticipation of and experiencing yesterday’s meteorological mayhem, today I’ve woken to blue skies and almost breezeless serenity….. And no, I’ve not flown to Tenerife to get away from that god forsaken storm. I’d suggest flying around the UK’s airspace on Sunday would’ve been akin to spending hours in a giant cocktail shaker. An experience where, unlike James Bond’s vodka martinis, passengers would’ve ended up both […]

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The Best Policy?

An early lesson of enlightenment during my fledgling years was exposure to the adage ‘Honesty is the best policy’. Well-meaning moral guidance from a mentor whom I’m currently unable to recall. It was, though, likely to have been brought to my attention either by my parents, Mrs Edwards (my first teacher at Oakfield Infant School), or a character on children’s TV. If it turns out to be the latter, the […]

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A Matter of Trust

Dank weather envelopes West Yorkshire this Tuesday morning. Or at least it did until a few moments ago when solar rays briefly emanated from an axe wound shaped aperture in overhead cloud formations, prior to swiftly teleporting back to whence it came. The first paragraph not the most exciting thing you’ll ever read. However, stick with me and I’ll endeavour to raise the interestingness level of the remaining prose to […]

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Green Shoots

It’s been a productive week for yours truly. Seven days where I’ve indulged in a far physically and mentally healthier lifestyle, including three gym visits, a cathartic choir rehearsal and a much needed period of sobriety. A lifestyle adjustment meaning, if I could desist from unhealthily munching so many bags or crisps, who knows this time next year my aspiration fitness video ‘Gary Strachan – Unlike Flange, Exercise Isn’t A Dirty […]

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