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COVID-19 Dictionary Additions

I’m beginning to wander if this frequent hand washing malarky, a necessity in this stark COVID-19 era, is starting to erode away my fingerprints. I raise the topic as within the past week I’ve observed my devices with fingerprint recognition technology seem only to sporadically respond to my dab. My paranoia manifesting notions the access interruption maybe an unyielding coronavirus strategy by proxy. One whose agenda is to further mess with […]

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Tenth Day Practising Hermitry

Day ten of isolation amongst the hallowed halls and chambers of chez Strachan. I understand that description is rather grand for a three bedroomed detached house on the Leeds/Wakefield borders. However, the poet within me was loathed to embark upon today’s prose with a deeply unimaginative sentence, such as ‘Day ten of being stuck in this bloody house!’ On this prevailing sojourn, where I constantly endeavour to self-improve at my […]

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Now Where’s That Suggestion Box?!

I like to think I’m a reasonably pragmatic fellow who, where possible, seeks rational solutions when confronted with existential antagonists. Not all of my notions are successful, such as the occasion, while bereft of colander, I misguidedly used a tennis racquet to sieve spaghetti. A foolish culinary strategy in many ways, however, as Bulgarian philosopher Hardov Hearing once eruditely observed “It’s far nobler to try and fail than to do […]

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Legacy Of The Stubborn

This morning, during an aimless meander through the oft idiotic observations which ‘grace’ the annals (or should that be anals?) of Twitter, I stumbled upon a thought-provoking YouTube submission. This compelling listen the words of an A&E doctor during a rare break from his hectic workload at a London hospital. During a telephone conversation with an LBC presenter, he spoke eloquently and emotively, pleading with the populace to avoid taking […]

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Just Sing!

In the face of national lockdown, members of the Italian populace are congregating from the safety of their own residential balconies, to partake in impromptu sing-a-longs. These contemporary operatic pastiches designed to raise the flagging spirits of those enduring enforced hermitism. Scenes showing, akin to many 19th century opera storylines written by their compatriots Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, Italy’s lockdown narrative is steeped in ill-health, fatalities and aria. This […]

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There Is Superstition

Mercifully, I survived Friday 13th without any discernible misfortune. In fact I’d proffer with some contentment that, except from slightly overcooking the oven chips and a rare bout of writers block, GJ Strachan’s Friday 13th March was, in the inimitable words of Bertie Wooster, tinkety tonk. If truth be told, my exposure to paraskevidekatriaphobic tales were few and far between. Instead of dwelling on a superstition claiming back luck chances were […]

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For Mash …..

Commencing this second narrative of the day, its 6.30pm and GJ Strachan currently perches on a dining room chair ensconced within my West Yorkshire abode. Interspersed with jotting down notions, I gaze out into the darkness of the back garden with a rear door wide to the wall. An action taken to allow a cooling breeze to circulate the noshing chamber. This requirement for introduction of a chill wind resultant […]

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