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Created Sick, Commanded To Be Well

During a recent attempt to broaden my intellectual horizons, I was intrigued to read a statement by the late author, social critic and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens, claiming “Once you assume a creator and a plan, it makes us objects in a cruel experiment, whereby we are created sick, and commanded to be well.” An unashamed contrarian, iconoclast and anti-theist, witnessing Hitchens erudite and forthright prowess in the debating bear […]

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Sitting in an armchair in my mother’s lounge, there’s an audio accompaniment of clattering crockery emanating from the kitchen as I commence today’s journal. This distracting sound courtesy of her returning freshly washed breakfast bowls, plates and cutlery to their allotted sections of the chamber’s cupboards and drawers. A task I ordinarily assist with when visiting Mrs S senior’s abode, but as I wanted to ‘crack on’ with this literary […]

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Broadening Horizons

For no other reason that attempting to broaden my intellectual horizons, within the last week or so I’ve watched a number of political, religious and social debates on YouTube. Among these verbal interactions the thought-provoking and erudite notions of late writers Christopher Hitchens, William F Buckley Jr and Gore Vidal. Individuals with differing ideologies, but who share the same unshakeable self-belief and certainty in the advocacies they deliver. Hitchens, an […]

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Climbing the Ladder

As I begin today’s composition, I’m accompanied by the background sound of an Easter Day service on the TV . I’ve by no stretch of the imagination been a regular church goer in adulthood. However, in my childhood I did attend church with the rest of my family, apart from my dad. Despite him having no strong spiritual beliefs, ironically my dad lives his life with an ideology of decency as advocated by the scriptures. […]

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Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone

I don’t recollect much of biblical studies in Religious Education lessons from my schooldays. That being said, I can vaguely recall the part of the Gospel of Matthew in which he describes Jesus fasting in the desert. During Christ’s abstinence from food, Matthew conveys the devil endeavoured to tempt him to turn stone into bread to cure his hunger. Unmoved by this temptation, he tells the cloven hooved one: “It […]

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He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone!

Originally posted on Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred:
Witnessing the amazing way Karen deals with everything thrown at her by the rancid, indiscriminate piece of shit called cancer is truly awe inspiring. The nine months chemo plus numerous, bone, MRI and CT scans, a lumbar puncture, endoscopy, monthly injections and hundreds of hours in waiting rooms have all been sent to test her. Her resolve, resilience and…

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