I’ve absolutely no issue with religion per se. The comfort it brings to those with faith in a host of dreadful situations is heartwarming and noble. In addition, I’ve nothing but admiration for those who live by the ecclesiastical edicts they serve as a life choice to follow.

I am, though, baffled by individuals who sit on kirk pews each Sunday, pronouncing their intention to live a theist existence, only to exit god’s house an hour later to behave in a contradictory manner to their disingenuous promises.

Such behaviour inspired the following prose:-…………….


Leopards with Immovable Markings

Repentance via hymn song and amen

Redeemed by your disingenuous Sunday words

Grinning kirk leavers, hasten back to awaiting moral high ground

Absolved of sins, given guilt free return to job judgemental.


Pointless promises from the misguidedly self-righteous

Misguided belief insincere covenants and pew presence usurp actions

Carte Blanche given by pulpit orators, who sanction

The leopards redemption irrespective of their immovable markings.


What is the point of disingenuous Sunday words?

Yes thee, leopard with no intent to adhere to spiritual teachings

Why false promises to your Father and Son?

Cable TV and the less righteous impatiently await thy presence.


Why then leopard thine sojourn to Sunday kirk?

Thy fear of a heated final destination?

Misguided belief that your maker has stopped keeping score?

Or delusions it sanctions judgement over pesky pew dodgers?


Bear in mind leopard, whether pew dweller or not

Actions usurp thine lyrics insincere.

The pulpit sage’s admonishment of your sins

Bear more truth than your disingenuous Sunday words.