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Last Bottle of Red

Departed Loiner’s final glass vessel; merlot bereft In smithereens; akin to spirits of those left behind Fragmented for regeneration; successor yet untold   Like Loiner, vessel existentially intact two months prior Their chance meeting short, though physically & spiritually fruitful Distressingly, House of York affiliate’s hindmost drop of fermented grape   Empty merlot vessel bereft of it’s significance in clan’s story Cast as blindsiding villain in minefield of triggers sorrowful Bottle, […]

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The Tiring Jab?

Triggers abound; blindsiding brood Culprits melancholic refrain, aroma, vino, cuisine Messages present on device; though hearken avoided Sobbing avoidance key for offspring of taken Tears for departed patriarch not an option Resistance to avoid exhibiting fragility his lad’s focus.   Triggers ad infinitum; their sporadic existence surety Though no surety of coping strategy to employ Has grieving even started behind offspring’s mask Emotions clandestine akin to beard clad jaw Like chin, […]

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My Second Home

Chamber of lingering, institution of inflicted Seemingly endless tenancy o’er seven summers; brood support plural Carer career abiding; careering confidence consequential Caricature spent emotionally; parking fees spent frequently Oppressive chamber calefaction; procrastinating in dept Radiation Unfaltering resource dedication; vocational tools medication.   Jimmy’s, affectionate moniker for institute of St James Minions of Zebedee’s son challenged when “Time for bed” Few ward vacancies irrespective of reciting “Boing” Roundabout the only domain […]

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Ode to Season Moribund

Departure lounge in situ; season moribund In extremis endless; expiration imminent It’s existence torrid, elements most horrid Absent sunbeams mean visage not florid.   What comes before Fall? Pride or supplemental tempestas awful? If not will both imposters bear manifestation Prior to Midas caressing frond deciduous.   Well-wishes sent to unwell season Despite unfavourable elements bestowed on your watch Sympathy from caricature at thy existential plight; not malice Black hatted […]

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Who’s Keeping Score?

Existential canvas; footprint experiential Caricature ponders own mortality What legacy sought on mattress moribund? Indelible stamp on life’s letter his goal?   Goal evocations selfless, heritage humanity No ‘I’ in benevolent No benevolence in misguided No place like home according to girl in red shoes Karma didn’t get the email Devils and thieves do prosper Actions unaccountable; selfishness satisfied Does anyone keep score anymore?   Dwindling advocates of manners maketh […]

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Options D’Indesirables

Sleepy, though not diminutive friend of princess in exile Languid, caricature’s enervation prevails Genesis his lack of slumber? Or strain from circumstances enduring Schadenfreude exhibition exhausting Need to engage advocates of Schaden’s brother Sigmund? Or contact Doc, though not diminutive friend of princess in exile?   Broken sleep, fractured constitution Sustaining positivity; cerebral struggle Ready to rid routine rancid? Alternate path essential for his redemption Levity, brevity in literature, solitary […]

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Cack Handed Poeme d’amour

Beauty unequivocal; enchantress categorical Heavenly being; unsure if Cherubim or Seraphim. Not that it matters; detracts not from thy vision Celestial being, lassie classy Funny, forthright and sassy.   Not heaven sent or stork bequeathed But thine beauty more than epidermis deep Complete package, requiring first class treatment Priority delivery; no signature required Warming heart of caricature.   Not of maintenance high, or spirits low Nor maintenance neglected, spirits wavering […]

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