Gary Strachan – "Write" Said Fred

Off The Wall Essays From Deep Within A Capricious Mind

The Tiring Jab?

Triggers abound; blindsiding brood

Culprits melancholic refrain, aroma, vino, cuisine

Messages present on device; though hearken avoided

Sobbing avoidance key for offspring of taken

Tears for departed patriarch not an option

Resistance to avoid exhibiting fragility his lad’s focus.


Triggers ad infinitum; their sporadic existence surety

Though no surety of coping strategy to employ

Has grieving even started behind offspring’s mask

Emotions clandestine akin to beard clad jaw

Like chin, sorrows exposure dependent on son’s

Drained but determined, façade maintained.


Trigger’s broom metaphor; regenerate and perpetuate, Dave

Carry on road ahead, without a Sid James distraction

Dust settling;  time to produce the Mr Sheen?

Seven years avoiding the ropes; karma’s jab must tire soon

Desist throwing in the towel, lad

Remain stoic; you owe it to yourself!


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