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Jukes of Hazard

Wednesday 20th June – Travelling back by train to Leeds from London last Sunday I commenced penning a narrative from the comfort of my perch in coach H. A piece of work I didn’t finish, it was an unashamedly ridiculous tale of the strategy I employ when selecting crisp flavours. With a packed coach on the train north providing a constant distracting chunter, concentration was an elusive mistress. Consequently, the […]

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Wednesday 6th June – I had a sojourn to Ilkley this morning/early afternoon. Accompanied by my spouse and doubts about the government’s Brexit strategy, we journeyed 17 miles by trusty steed (well, trusty Vauxhall Astra) north west of our bustling metropolis. Ilkley, West Yorkshire’s spa town with it’s core of Victorian architecture, quaint stores, Betty’s Tearoom and the official start of the Dales Way – A 84 mile hike over […]

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Caffeine Overload Continued

Friday 6th April (Part Two) – I’ve arrived in Newcastle. With two hours to kill before I meet my brother Ian, I’m yet again Starbucks in situ, Americano with milk nestling in front of me. Opposite from the café is the imposing stone building which, amongst other functions, is the entrance to Newcastle Central train station. As would be expected from the coffee house franchise, the décor, ordering process and […]

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The 14.04 from Newcastle – A Tall Tale

My train journey back from Newcastle to Leeds on Sunday afternoon passed swiftly. My ninety minutes in situ of the Trans-Pennine locomotive predominantly spent writing, along with chatting to a diminutive middle-aged Gateshead woman en route to her daughter’s in Bradford. This lady, short of mane and even shorter of legs was initially an affable soul; appreciative of my offer to place her case in the carriages overhead luggage rack […]

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My Second Home

Chamber of lingering, institution of inflicted Seemingly endless tenancy o’er seven summers; brood support plural Carer career abiding; careering confidence consequential Caricature spent emotionally; parking fees spent frequently Oppressive chamber calefaction; procrastinating in dept Radiation Unfaltering resource dedication; vocational tools medication.   Jimmy’s, affectionate moniker for institute of St James Minions of Zebedee’s son challenged when “Time for bed” Few ward vacancies irrespective of reciting “Boing” Roundabout the only domain […]

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Loco Motives

Childhood domain bound, tracks below feet Domicile o’ inculcation, though birthplace possesses heart Half century crisis of identity, through yeti unable to embrace Self-induced purgatory, mind tormented for his folly If purgatory a halfway house, then has he departed? His final journey, destination redemption.   Locomotive, what are loco man’s motives Tracks are not of tears, like The Miracles Cathartic sojourn, bridge of Tyne rebuilding Redemption sought extinguishing burning pont Time […]

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The Forgettable Birthday Gift

I was reminded earlier that it’s two years since ‘that’ journey. An ordeal that lives long in my son and my memory; a time where we witnessed hitherto unseen traits of malevolence from an ordinarily unassuming family member. A hair raising ten mile white knuckle ride, courtesy of uncharacteristic arbitrary driving by my pater (Mally), exacerbated by his even rarer display of road rage. Not that Mally found it hair raising as he’s been bereft of locks since the stress of hearing Jane […]

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