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Offspring’s Culinary Offering

On Sunday I ventured to York with my wife Karen, visiting the home of our son Jonathon. Our eldest offspring inviting us east along the A64 for Mother’s Day luncheon.  A welcome extended to treat his mater to a flavoursome meal, as opposed to the bland fodder he opines ordinarily grace his parent’s kitchen table, regardless of which one of them plays chef. On arrival at the residence he shares with […]

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Starting The Day The Old School Way

My breakfast of sausages are slowly baking in the oven as I commence this offering. Their destination, prior to entering my mush, two slices of brown bread sitting on a plate kitchen in situ. Ordinarily, I’d employ a swifter method of shallow frying during the food preparation process. A method that provides the added benefit of producing a cooking aroma almost as inviting as the brekkie itself. However, as I’m […]

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If I Knew You Were Coming…..

According to my TV guide, the Great British Bake Off returns to our TV screens this evening. If this listings magazine is correct, and I’ve no reason to suspect otherwise, at 8pm tonight my missus (a huge fan) will be glued to the Channel 4 broadcast on casa Strachan’s gogglebox. To clarify, when I say my wife is a huge fan I’m referring to the fact she loves that particular […]

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Food For Thought

Ordinarily, my preference for my inaugural meal of the day is marmite on toast. On occasion, if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I add a small tin of beans of the baked variety. A variety of Phaseolus vulgaris au jus tomato, which I find a flavoursome addition to the overall synergy of the recipe. I don’t always add the beans, I’m not that much of a culinary maverick, however I find occasionally they make […]

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A Day of Abstinence

Despite not being overly spiritual, it’ll be a Good Friday tea of cod and chips for tea tonight in the Strachan residence. Abstaining from red meat is a Christian tradition we uphold every year, on this day where millions worldwide acknowledge Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. My wife claims that her recipe, which was handed down by her mother along with a Colt 45 pistol, is family secret. Although, never […]

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A Secret Family Recipe

Keen to see how my dad was coping during his post-radiotherapy recuperation, I nipped around to my parents house yesterday morning. It was a productive time where not only did I get a few odd jobs done, but I received a gratis lunch, numerous cups of tea, a free bag of cola bottle sweets and my mums ‘secret’ recipe for homemade Cheesestrings. Passed down generationally through her side of the family, […]

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In A State Of Veg Rotation

I made a vegetarian pasta dish for the family tea tonight. Incidentally, despite finding the meal more than palatable, I want to be clear this isn’t the start of yours truly embracing vegetarianism.  To completely cut out the consumption of carnivorous cuisine would currently be too big a shift of my eating habits…… Blimey, I think I may have just broken some sort of record for the number of words […]

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