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Face Value

Among the many emotions manifesting from exposure to certain pieces of music are memories evoked by its lyrics and/or melody. Anthems that are indelibly etched on our life canvases, bringing to mind memories of joy, sadness, despair and wonderment at why there’s a brass band in our living rooms. Recently […]

Vinyl Voyage Back To The 50’s

I’ve been creating an inventory of my old man’s vinyl albums this morning. As he’d a real love of many genres of music, I was somewhat surprised to find a paucity of Long Players (LPs) in the dusty box located on a garage shelf. A drop in the ocean compared to his sizeable cd collection, which boasts eclectic choices of jazz, musical theatre, pop […]

Vinyl Voyage

Penny Lane via trip down memory lane Tour d’mystere magical; GPS unrequired Abbey Road delay; quartet joining chicken across road Caricature taken on sojourn nostalgic; vinyl album genesis Though with Collins as solitary balladeer.   Talk of man in gabardine suit engaged in espionage Greyhound passenger; accusations of camera in […]

Maggie’s Advice For Mrs Worthington

Yesterday evening, I ambled down memory lane in the company of old vinyl albums and my pater. During this saunter, he and I re-visited the easy on the ear tunes of David Gate’s Bread, the melancholic songs of Phil Collins first solo album and a clutch of Paul Simon classics. Our sojourn ending in the 1960’s Sands […]