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Celebrity Shoes

As I seek inspiration for today’s topic, in the lounge my missus is glued to the broadcast of ITV’s daytime show Lorraine on our gogglebox. While Dundee’s finest Lorraine Kelly is on her summer sabbatical, the presenting of showbiz gossip, fashion and practical recipes to con your kids to eat their greens is the capable hands of fragrant presenter Christine Lampard. The wife of ex-international footballer Frank Lampard, a beautiful […]

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A Crime of Fashion

Tuesday 3rd April – Ordinarily I’m loathed to proffer judgemental comment on the sartorial elegance of anyone. After all, I’m hardly the dedicated follower of fashion written about by Kinks frontman Ray Davies in 1966. A fact I can relay with indisputable surety with the knowledge I was only three years old when the song was penned. Don’t get me wrong, my parents ensured my siblings and me was decently […]

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Pass The Remote, Marcella’s On!

To distract me from gawping at the hypnotic sight of settling snow flurries outside, I’ve been watching a few minutes of a dog psychic on breakfast TV. As a sceptic of human beings being able to telepathically connect with canines, apart from Bob Carolgees & Spit the Dog, I commenced the viewing with an unhealthy level of cynicism. Before continuing, I want to make it clear I’m not writing this […]

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“Here Is A Box…..”

Within the confines of casa Strachan is a large storage box. Unlike the musical box in 1970’s time-lapse animation kids show Camberwick Green, this particular treasure trove is bereft of an enclosed secret. A particular childhood favourite of mine, from the BBC’s ‘Watch With Mother’ series, the children’s TV programme above commenced with a rotating vessel opening it’s lid to exhibit that weeks main plot character; wood puppet legends such as Windy Miller, PC McGarry or Miss Lovelace. The two containers I’m alluding to are dissimilar in […]

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Giving Their Today

John Maxwell Edmonds won’t be too familiar a name to most people. Despite this, some of the English classicist’s compositions will be instantly recognisable to millions around the world. In particular around this time of year, when we remember our fallen in worldwide services of remembrance. The Stroud born poet is celebrated for his moving and thought provoking epitaphs. Amongst his more famous work he is attributed with the widely […]

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A Slow News Day

I’ve got the last lawn cuts of the year to undertake today. It’s barely a event that will gain a mention on the national TV news (or indeed locally) unless it’s an incredibly slow news day. It’s unlikely, however on a particularly barren Sunday in the BBC news room, who knows. The features editor may deem yarns of my garden maintenance have the newsworthiness to gain the accolade of primary news bulletin story. It won’t be easy, […]

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Nice To See You. To See You….

Yesterday, I was saddened to hear of the passing of veteran entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth. Although not an avid viewer of his ITV game shows from the 1980’s onwards, his show The Generation Game joined the likes of Morecambe & Wise, Mike Yarwood, The Two Ronnies and Kojak, in making my childhood Saturday night TV a delight. A catchphrase is a kitsch accompaniment to an entertainers act, many of which don’t stand the test of time. An example […]

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