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Bielsa’s Club Is A Devil Of A Side…..

Yesterday evening, Leeds United (LUFC) were leading 4-1 at Derby with only 20 minutes of the match remaining. Unashamedly armchair supporting from the comfort of my home, I misguidedly still countenanced the possibility of LUFC leaving the east Midlands pointless. Bearing in mind that score-line, along with LUFC coach Marcelo Bielsa’s team’s sheer dominance in the first 70 minutes, mine was a ludicrous notion. Sadly, though, when you’ve lived through […]

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What’s The Story?

Yesterday afternoon, as my wife and me slowly ambled up Calverley Street towards our destination of Leeds Museum, she pointed out this was her inaugural tour of the building housing our city’s historical artefacts. “It’s not mine. I’ve never been before!” I joked weakly. She smiled disingenuously, called me an idiot for what definitely wasn’t the inaugural time, meanwhile continuing uphill towards the former Mechanical Institute building. A few years back […]

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Hellenic Avenue

I was Greek Street in situ for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. My spouse and me seeking to quench rabid thirsts, induced by West Yorkshire’s arid weather conditions, with a cold beer. Some may enquire “Why didn’t you just stay at home and rehydrate with a glass of water from the tap, as opposed to a 30 bus journey into town?….. It’d have been cheaper, healthier and you’d have […]

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Vicar in Sock Tags

I’m sitting having lunch alfresco as I quill this quixotic qualitied chronicle. A mushroom and ham pizza, along with a refreshing cider shandy with ice the accomplices to my crime against literature. Unlike an egg, you can’t beat an mushroom and ham pizza – A topping invented by god because he found a meat feast too filling, and the jalapeno spicy hot version gave him terrible heartburn. A fact worth […]

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Celebration in the City

Part of our yesterday’s celebrations for Mrs S’s birthday were a cocktail at the Liquorist bar on Greek Street, along with lunch at Gino D’Campo’s restaurant on Park Row, Leeds. For the latter we were joined by our son Jonny and his fiancée Jenny. Sitting outside the cocktail bar beneath the midday solar rays, my upbeat missus glowed with the brightness bestowed in a Mina painting. These sunbeams a magnanimous […]

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Going Back Without The Delorean

Saturday 9th June – Yesterday, during a shopping sojourn in town avec ma femme, we took a spontaneous pit stop for liquid refreshment at the Alchemist bar. From it’s lofty perch located on the upper floor of the Trinity shopping centre, this agreeable eatery/cocktail bar bequeaths striking views of Boar Lane’s splendid Georgian architecture. Aesthetics that never fail to woe my spouse into it’s chambers, along with the opportunity to […]

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Careless Hands

Sunday 27th May – One of the first televised football matches I recollect from childhood occurred on Saturday 11th April 1970 – The showpiece FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Leeds United. Unlike it’s contemporary version, an era when claiming the premier cup competition in England was more aspirational to the games big-hitters. From memory it was a game dominated by Leeds United, with fleet of foot winger Eddie Gray […]

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