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Position Incurable

Pernicious canker; indiscriminate spitefulness Teases with capricious exhibitions of salubriousness Clan chief Strachan stricken Consequently, brood akin to felines on tin roof scorching Seven years canker has taunted caricature Norn man ponders if he fragmented mirror in 2010.   Similar to Damocles sabre, malignancy menaces Jeering at chief’s brood from position incurable It’s presence sickens Strachans No ransom can return table head’s wellbeing Canker seeks not riches, objective to torment […]

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Almonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Recently an acquaintance relayed an assumption they’d formed about relationships, in particular those where one party suffered from terminal illness. They opined, that under those circumstances the partnership would be one of unrelenting cordiality. After all your relationship together is on borrowed time; how could you possibly argue anymore? Their presumption being, despite the patient and family being under terrible strain at times, your remaining time together should be free from […]

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