Dog Sitting

I’m currently dog sitting my little Labrador/retriever buddy Coco. This beautiful lady, who’s as I write quietly gazes back at me with her head propped on an easy chair arm, has thankfully just granted my lugholes some respite. My ears close to bleeding after the raucously excitable bark she emitted whilst going out for a walk, pee and poop.

Actually, possibly bored by watching yours truly typing away and affording her insufficient attention, within the last seconds she’s manoeuvred that endearing visage onto the other chair arm. Cokey’s gaze now on the wood pigeons and blackbirds soaring past the front bay window with a great deal more verve than the adorable lady’s current deportment.

As I commence this sentence, she’s just wandered past me into the back garden, seemingly investigating the source of esprit filled kids yelps manifesting from next door. Sadly for the lab/retriever cross she isn’t tall enough to see over the fence to witness the childlike glee is consequential of Jake and Megan frolics on their trampoline.

Subsequently, disgruntled at being unable to ascertain the root cause of these gleeful chuckles, Coco has returned indoors; once again watching me write. This time, though, from a perch on the sofa.

Like some people posit following reading the more absurd pieces of my prose, I’d love to know what’s going on in the brain of my furry buddy. I’ve just attempted to engage the seven year old canine in conversation, but my inquiry of “Hi Cokes, are you ok sweetheart?’ brought nothing other than a disapproving scowl and a broad sigh.

Above is a picture of this Cleopatra of the dog world lounging on the sofa, no doubt awaiting to be hand fed grapes, prior to me running her a bath of asses milk. If I was blessed with the animal communication foresight of Doctor Dolittle, no doubt I’d be on the receiving end of a Coco admonishment suggesting I stop writing a load of b*ll**ks, and show her some affection…. Or, at the very least, feed her.

Like a good proportion of her breed the lab/retriever has a cavernous appetite. If there was ever a Dog Vs Food show, following the same gluttonous format as the human version, I’d certainty put a few bob on Cokey prevailing in the challenge.

If any proof were needed of her unfussy approach to fodder, I’d suggest Coco’s act of eating a kid’s snowball during last week’s heavy snowfall rests my case your honour.

One thing for sure, in the coming days, I’ll not be eating a meal without being emotionally blackmailed out of part of it by this four legged eating machine. Barring one of us wearing of a blindfold, there’s no way I won’t succumb to her irresistible sad eyed treatment…… As I reckon adorning a blindfold when consuming a meal would hamper the eating process, hopefully, it’ll be my canine buddy who’s eyes are covered.

Actually, she’s no longer on the sofa, I best go see if I can locate the endearing Labrador. As I can hear her snoring, though, I can confidently proffer Cokes is somewhere downstairs ….. Who says it’s a dogs life?!

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