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Bohemian Prosody

With my mother (in whose house I’m currently residing) being away with her buddies in Bridlington, I’ve been home alone all week. This freedom resulting in yours truly indulging upon […]

Return of The Prodigal Sun

It’s back!!…. The prodigal sun has returned to Yorkshire. Kill the fatted calf, ignite the spit roast coals (well, bbq briquettes), replenish your ever depleting vitamin D levels and rejoice! […]

Evening With The Eggheads

It was three and a half hours of exacting engagement. An evening the sextet of participants will never forget….. Well, until midday today anyhow. Via the conduit of a Zoom […]

Slipping Into Bad Habits

Under coronaviruses watch, I’ve started succumbing to a practise which’s ordinarily a huge bug bear of mine – This the act of comfort buying. Even worse, some of the impulse […]

No Offence, But….

The morning of Friday 28th August sees yours truly’s epiphany bank as barren as a post menopausal trout. Tiredness borne from a week of erratic sleep, a fuzzy mind consequential […]

Open To Interpretation

This afternoon, aching and perspiring profusely after several hours gardening, I took an invigorating shower. Returning downstairs groomed and in fresh clothing, my mother averted her gaze from a daytime […]

Poetic Licence

Around eighteen months ago I dabbled at extending my literary boundaries by trying my hand at writing poetry. All very pompous and tongue in cheek stuff, delivered in an olde […]

The Snagged Marlin

There’s an old adage that ‘pride comes before a fall’ – A musing from folklore which yesterday I witnessed come to fruition. This incident played out when a friend downed […]

Stating The Obvious

Yesterday I was the recipient of a scented candle Christmas gift. When ignited, this wax fragrance enhancer apparently emits an odour of wild mint. A welcome change from the usual […]

Time To Revisit The Eric Yarns?

Behind door number 13 of casa Strachan’s advent calendar lays a throwaway self-penned topical headline. An epiphany manifesting from the recesses of my mind – A notion that this morning […]


Behind today’s advent calendar door is another trip to St James’ Hospital, this time for my wife’s monthly oncology treatment. Yesterday’s bone scan went without incident for the stoic Birtley […]

Seeking Serenity

I’m struggling to focus while writing this blog. Pre-weekly food shop, GJ Strachan is sitting in his mum’s living room bereft of the serenity he craves while embracing penmanship. A […]

Fool On The Hill

As I’ve written some pretty joyless stuff this week I intend attempting to inject some humour into today’s offering. Although being currently bereft of a topic, start, middle and end, […]
Fool On The Hill