A Reservoir Ramble

A pleasant stroll around Ardsley reservoir with Coco provided this mornings raison d’être for yours truly. My little Labrador buddy and I making the most of cooler mid morning temperatures to complete a circuit of the Wakefield parkland.

Our slow perambulation around the lake’s 1.5 mile circumference allowing the inquisitive canine time to explore every sniff; imparting GJ Strachan with a calm which human company rarely musters. Cokes contentedly exploring every passing redolence left on the wild flora and fauna laying on the oval pathway’s periphery.

Barely any person, or indeed dog, passed us as we trekked clockwise around the pond water predominantly sourced from upland reservoirs in the Ryburn Valley, Only three joggers, and a few pensioners with their own pets greeted us with a cordial “Morning!” upon passing. Not that Coco paid much mind to the polite greetings, her head buried into an interestingly scented plant.

The only odour I caught during this stroll was from a lady jogger, maybe in her 40’s, who passed yours truly and my pooch on two occasions as she lapped the reservoir. The amateur athlete, dowsed in the most appealing of perfumes, leading me to conclude she was the most wonderful redolent runner I’d ever smelt.

I’ve no idea of the perfumes brand, but if I did and was a woman I’d probably feel moved to procure a bottle of this splendid fragrance. But I don’t and I’m not, so as you were folks.

Anyhow, Cokey and me spent around an hour walking around the waterway, Sadly, I never got to witness any of the famed wildlife during my frequent panoramic scans across the lake.

Consequently, Coco and I missed out on any sightings of sea chaffinches, dog whistling swans and lots of other birdlife whose monikers I’ve just made up…… Perhaps they weren’t as enamoured of the lady jogger’s perfume as I was.

As I commence this sentence, Cokes and I have just completed her third walk of the day. A meander which had to be curtailed due to an excessively warm mid afternoon sun. The wee lab/retriever now laid on the sofa, hopefully cooling down in chez Strachan’s well shaded lounge.

In my capricious mind, as she lays on the chaise lounge, I’d like to think Coco’s currently thinking about challenging Maggie (my mum) to a game of Connect 4; however, posit it’s unlikely…. After all, how could she? The adorable lab can’t talk, and even if she did mater doesn’t own the aforementioned board game.

Anyhow, she seems contented laid on the sofa – Showing no indications of giddiness about her upcoming birthday on Thursday. Although, if she did know, and understood the concept of birthdays, she’d be absolutely chuffing hyper!!

I’ve just bought furry face a present online. Hopefully, she’ll like the dog football more than the chew toys I bought her for Christmas, which she was son indifferent about if she’d the wherewithal to undertake the act would’ve been returned to Amazon….. To clarify, a dog football is the same as a football; only with the word dog written on the box.

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