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Job Vacancy

Yesterday a friend announced their Labrador has developed a disturbing culinary taste while they partook in saunters through local meadows and copses. This new unwanted dietary development presenting itself in the form of its habitual participation in daily ‘all you can eat’ binges of fox pooh. According to the dog’s owner the ambience provided by a mixture of fox pooh and wet fur, courtesy of the damp fields it roams, […]

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Succumbing To Those Sad Eyes

We have a canine guest for a day or two. The dog in question is young Sophie the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, copper of hue and sad of eye. She is currently covering half of the sofa like Lady Avashight, sleeping off her recent walk around this suburb of Leeds. As I manfully attempt to focus while penning this narrative, my concentration levels are diminishing due to our furry visitors snoring, along with my wife’s cacophonous phone call. I’m not […]

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Business As Usual

As I mentioned yesterday, the Strachan abode is currently being graced by a captivating house guest of the canine variety. When I arrived at the breakfast table this morning, there was no sign of the little lady. On asking my wife of her whereabouts, she responded “She’s in the back garden doing her business.” Being unsure of what that was, I looked out of the rear bay window and was relieved to see […]

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They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There

Inspiration evades me this chilled Sunday morning in East Leeds. If I’d have realised it was so good at the game of ‘Hide and Seek’, I perhaps wouldn’t have taken it up on its adumbrate challenge. I’ve looked in the downstairs cupboard, behind the living room curtains and even in the fridge, however its covert status remains in tact. To rub salt in the wound, I’ve now got an additional job […]

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