Walk On The Mild Side

I’ve just returned from a walk on the mild side with my lab/retriever chum Coco. Two laps of the local park, and a new stroll route around the periphery of the estate has ensured old sandy pelt achieved her Fitbit step goal for today.

Currently, she’s laid prostrate on the sofa; appearing tired following her hiking exertions, and looking like she’s the world’s problems upon her hirsute shoulders. Although Cokey’s look of woe should disappear at teatime when a beef casserole will be making an appearance at a dog bowl near her.

This afternoon, my porky buddy enjoyed a fair old meander around East Ardsley’s avenues, fields and alleyways. This wander including Coco rolling in a muddy meadow, an inquisitorial sniff at every post she passed, along with the chasing of three wood pigeons. The latter paying for displaying the downright gall to block her path as she navigated a local football pitch.

As a late to the party subscriber to the dog appreciation society, I find it intriguing when studying canine behaviour. In particular, the curiosity exhibited by our four legged friends while taking them on their daily constitutional.

Apparently, with dogs reading the world through their noses, their endless sniffing (particularly of other four-legged friends urine) reveals information like age, gender, mood, and even health of their fellow pooch. Those messages lingering behind long after the dog has gone.

According to one report I read relating to canine behaviour, dog pee acts as a sort of newspaper for its tail wagging ‘readership’. Bearing in mind human tabloid newspapers are full of dog s**t, the irony wasn’t lost on me.

As I write this section, dusk has fallen and Coco is sat at my feet staring outside through the ajar back door. I’m unsure whether she’s watching dusk fall, or merely taking a nap after consuming an amalgamated evening menu of beef casserole and dog food. Actually, it’s just become apparent that Cokes is indeed napping. Either that, or what I interpret as snoring is someone in a neighbouring cul-de-sac experiencing issues firing up a moped.

It’s flipping freezing with that back door open, but hopefully once la porte is secured the living room fire will defrost me in time for bed.

As I write, my golden pelted buddy has just vacated her spot by the open French door, prior to walking past me in the dining room. Consequently beating me to the prime spot in front of the living room fire. It appears that my defrost might take somewhat longer.

With several admin tasks completed, a cricket article nearly completed, two dog walks, the cooking of a beef casserole and hopefully the completion of this lyrical amble, it’s been a productive day for GJ Strachan.

Amongst todays ‘gains’ my siblings and me’ve arranged for construction of a wet room downstairs for our mother, whose mobility has been affected after suffering a stroke around four weeks ago. My sister ordering her a bed to afford us the option of turning this dining room into a downstairs bedroom for our beloved matriarch.

In the longer term, though, with physiotherapy we’re hopeful she can attain a level of mobility availing her of a similar level of movement she enjoyed pre-stroke.

Despite this major life event, as is her want, mum still maintains her existential baseline of dealing with everything from a baseline of positivity….. God bless her.

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