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Marie Curious?

Thursday morning witnessed an early start for yours truly – Commencing when my phone alarm proffered a dream shattering cacophony, causing me to franctically search for the device’s snooze button.

Initially, with hand flaling floorward, it was actually my jeans I pressed in my disorientated state of reveille. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t negate the alarm’s din so, with eyes still shut, I further fumbled around on the carpet until I found my phone, eventually disarming the device.

With the snooze button hit, I drifted into a less deep slumber. Sadly, not being reacquainted with the dream I was having prior to the alarm sounding.

This night vision painting scenes of a utopian world where everyone wore lederhosen (even the animals), and cheesestrings were good for you. An existence in which all citizens were happy, apart from those with allergic intolerances to lederhosen and cheesestrings.

The earlier dream taking me on a journey where, as chief executive of a major lederhosen production company, I achieved great wealth. Riches beyond my wildest dreams (apart from this one of course), which I shared with the needy and anyone called Bernice……. If you were needy and also called Bernice, you were particularly lucky as you got two payments.

Sadly, this plan proved flawed. It’s vulnerabilty to misuse exposed when all citizens started naming their children Bernice (even the males) to benefit from my benevolence. Consequently costing me a flipping fortune.

Anyhow, as alluded to above, after pressing the snooze button I sadly didn’t return to that dream. Instead drifting into a lighter sleep where I kept repeating the words “Please don’t go off yet!” in my head, while awaiting the inevitable second triggering of the alarm.

Five minutes after snooze was engaged, the volumous racket of the phone wake up call returned. This time causing me to drag myself out of bed, cursing the fact I’d experienced no tangible benefit from my extra five minutes ‘kip’. Groppily heading toward the shower in the dark, I collided with the bathroom door frame causing me to curse again under my breath.

As I showered, along with wondering why I awoke wearing lederhosen, it dawned on me how utterly futile snooze buttons were. In particular, pondering whether anyone in history had used this functionality and woken five minutes later feeling anymore refreshed than on initially waking. Eventually concluding the answer to be a resounding no.

As I dried myself post-shower, I further concluded that although tired things weren’t all bad. After all, I was rising early for something yours truly volunteered for and enjoy undertaking, a notion that consequently making the disturbance of my utopian dream more palatable.

This early start to the morning the result of my and a fellow volunteer collectinng for Marie Curie – A charitable organisation who provide care and support for patients at the end of life. Our shift due to commence at 7.30am, our location the imposing Bridgewater Place in Leeds city centre.

As with similar instances of undertaking this type of task, I found this voluntary collection fulfilling. The hour and a half spent meeting numerous munificent workers, whose generosity will contribute towards the cost of nursing terminally ill patients.

If you’re interested in becoming part of this team (Marie Curious, if you like) then you can sign up on the following link

Please note the early starts are a rarity – My fellow team member and I chose to undertake yesterday’s collection at that time. You’d be able to fit any voluntary hours as it suits your diary.

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