Marie Curious?

Thursday morning witnessed an early start for yours truly - Commencing when my phone alarm proffered a dream shattering cacophony, causing me to franctically search for the device's snooze button. Initially, with hand flaling floorward, it was actually my jeans I pressed in my disorientated state of reveille. Unsurprisingly, that didn't negate the alarm's din … Continue reading Marie Curious?

Countering SWABS

Recently, I've found my enthusiasm for writing these daily narratives has been on the wane. Consequently, the whole process is taking significantly longer than usual and ideas that ordinarily flow plentifully are currently of a premium. A fact not helped with the creative flow being diminished by having to pen the pieces in broken segments … Continue reading Countering SWABS

Coffee Morning Munificence

Yesterday saw many thousands of people in the UK facilitating or attending World's Greatest Coffee Morning fundraising events in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. As part of this campaign, my lunchtime was spent undertaking a bucket collection at the Marks & Spencer (M&S) store on Briggate, in Leeds..... To clarify, when I wrote 'bucket collection' … Continue reading Coffee Morning Munificence

On The Last Train To ……..

Friday 8th June - Yesterday, I spoke with a friend stricken by recurrent depressive disorder. A thought-provoking conversation where he revealed the mental lows regularly experienced in the dark corridors his erratic mind. This individual, who for the purposes of anonymity I'll call Lord Smedley, told of his existence in this mental gutter. A solitary … Continue reading On The Last Train To ……..

Wakey Wakey for Wakey Hospice

I was up and out of Strachan Towers by 6am this morning - My mission should I wish to accept it (which I did) to attend the Wakefield Hospice 10k run. I hasten to add this wasn't as a participant, my days of middle distance running now firmly behind me. Now only distant memories untidily … Continue reading Wakey Wakey for Wakey Hospice

More Venting On An Advent

Yesterday, my other half returned to West Yorkshire after a three-night visit to her parents in Birtley, County Durham. As part of her home town's legislation, any of the townsfolk that leave the inside of it's metaphorical walls have to return every three months for stone cladding refresher courses. An edict my missus was about to breach...... Failure to adhere to this dictum results … Continue reading More Venting On An Advent

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

This morning I spent three hours stood in a local store with a MacMillan Cancer Support collection bucket. My first voluntary work of 2017 took place standing just inside the entrance door of catalogue retailer Argos, in a nearby retail park. As with previous charitable collections I'd undertaken, it was heartwarming to witness the generosity of the … Continue reading A Case Of Mistaken Identity