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Marie Curious?

Thursday morning witnessed an early start for yours truly – Commencing when my phone alarm proffered a dream shattering cacophony, causing me to franctically search for the device’s snooze button. Initially, with hand flaling floorward, it was actually my jeans I pressed in my disorientated state of reveille. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t negate the alarm’s din so, with eyes still shut, I further fumbled around on the carpet until I found […]

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With the sad news of Karen’s mum’s critical medical condition, plans for the foreseeable future in casa Strachan are understandably in limbo. My wife still in the north east maintaining her bedside vigil, along with providing support for her distraught father. I’m in regular contact with my little missus by phone and text, where she speaks of the current situation being emotionally and physically draining. Her good ‘buddy’ karma magnanimously […]

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A New Literary Challenge

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a eulogy to deliver at my father’s funeral on Wednesday. As it would be highly inappropriate to do so, I’m not going to publish those words in this narrative. The reason I highlighted this activity is merely part of journaling some of my Friday activities in chez Strachan junior. I realise this is stating the obvious, but writing prose for that type of oration is significantly more challenging than penning my daily rambles. Unlike the […]

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The Wrath of Karma

I’m unable to visit my dad in the hospice with the rest of the family until this afternoon. The consequence of Karma, in her infinite wisdom, decreeing my past misdemeanours warrant a current existence of two close family members with incurable illness. I’m unsure what’s caused Karma’s wrath, but I’m beginning to regret stealing segments of our Ian’s Terry’s Chocolate Orange at Christmas in 1973. The righter of wrongs can be a cruel mistress, […]

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Serenity in Stanley

Since embarking on this literary voyage, I’ve written these tales of inanity in a multitude of establishments. Today’s offering is being penned in, or just outside, my moribund dad’s room in a West Yorkshire hospice. The circumambulating atmosphere a justapos of the distressing sight of witnessing a loved one’s suffering in the last hours of their life, along with the calming environment of care and serenity. Opinions vary on whether […]

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Calm Before The Storm

This afternoon I had my inaugural visit to a hospice, when I dropping in on a close family member. Obviously, like anyone of sound mind, these end of life care facilities aren’t residences I’ve ever had the remotest desire to visit; either as a patient or visitor. It is taken as read that these establishments will exude calm for it’s stricken patients and desolate families. After all these domains are ordinarily a metaphorical departure lounge for love ones. Calming environments that bequeath […]

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