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Unachievable Aspirations?

Perching my posterior on a dining chair ready to commence today’s prose, the whirring of power tools are my uninvited audio companion. This din not a consequence of my wife’s new addiction to the Sky Pneumatic Drill channel on cable TV. No, this audible intrusion the result of my neighbour’s ongoing conversion…… Thankfully, Karen only needs a fix of broadcasted power drill cacophony during the early evening broadcasts. To clarify, […]

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Filling In The Blanks

Friday 11th May – When I woke I’d not much planned for my day. Conspicuous by it’s presence, the white space from my old school paper diary forlornly stared back at me – It’s chaste pages bereft of itinerary. As it was, my morning was anything but empty. If it had been pre-planned in my diary, Friday’s loose leaf would have journalled my morning something like this:- 9am – Commence […]

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Basking In The Glory

Sunday 6th May – In Friday’s narrative The Last Ship I penned a parody review of Sting’s theatre production of the same name. A thought-provoking drama infused with music manifesting from the creatively fertile mind of the ex-Police frontman. Within the monologue of this offering I omitted to mention that during a former life Sting taught at the Newcastle school where a few of my cricketing mates studied. I don’t believe […]

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Defrosting The Da Vinci Code

Tuesday 24th April – I’m Bexley Wing in situ, sitting on a waiting room sofa adjacent to my wife. Our attendance at the Leeds hospital wing necessitated by her appointment for monthly oncology treatment. Patients left and right aren’t clowns and jokers – Although we are ‘stuck in the middle’*** of patients and their brood. That being said, the queues aren’t substantial, so stop wittering GJ Strachan and concentrate on […]

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Saturday 21st April – Yesterday, a scattering of my dad’s ashes were mixed with the potting compost of two azaleas bought in his memory. A big fan of the shrubs that thrive in acidic soil, we thought it a fitting tribute for our late family head. My siblings and mother plan a similar homage to him in the coming weeks. We have also arranged to scatter of a small amount […]

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A Pizza The Action

Sunday 15th April – Yesterday, the missus and I returned the upstairs chambers back to some semblance of tidiness, following the upheaval caused by the week’s decorating. A frustrating seven days or so where I couldn’t locate stuff due to errant piles of clothing, inaccessible drawers and furniture road blocks in various rooms. I also ventured to the local council tip with the bedroom carpet and underlay I removed in […]

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Devil in Carnation

Tuesday 10th April – Today’s ‘to do’ list includes applying another coat of emulsion, along with the woodwork glossing in the master bedroom. Yesterday, I put the inaugural coat of Dulux’s Natural Calico onto the chambre walls. A neutral dark cream colour with its roots in magnolia shadings, it’s a step up elegance wise from the previous covering of Paintland’s Naturist Butt Cheeks – A singed skin colour with a […]

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