“….Oh June, like the mountains are blue
Like the pine I am lonesome for you…”

After bidding good riddance to the month of May and a tentative welcome to June’s advent here on planet COVID, the above sentiments from Laurel & Hardy’s refrain Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia play continuously on loop upon my cranial jukebox.

Like a cartoon strip shopkeeper irked by a young scallywag’s theft of an apple outside his greengrocer’s store, as May departed I shook a defiant fist at the month and (like March and April) exclaimed “And don’t let me see your face around here ever again!!”

Bearing in mind the advent of June sees some relaxing of lockdown rules in the UK, it’ll be interesting to witness whether these minor concessions to liberty make planet COVID a happier place.

A utopian domain where children gleefully run amok in meadows, akin to the Ingalls kids during Little House on the Prairie’s credits, along with all humanity cheesily holding hands while warbling the refrain “I’d like to buy the world a coke’…….. That notion was, of course, rhetorical.


I’m loathed to precipitate on anyone parade, however, the received wisdom from many scientists is it maybe a bit previous for this lockdown concession. An advocacy driven by fear the move may initiate a second spike in COVID cases.

With this in mind, and shamelessly employing my usual glass completely empty decision making baseline, I’ll not be making any adjustments to my current lifestyle. Irrespective of governmental assurances to the contrary.

If truth be told, as I’ve no intention of veering from the status quo, I’m not even sure which lockdown liberties us Brits’ve been afforded from today. The snippet I did catch was up to six people could mix together outside, although individuals from different households had to social distance.

However, as visitors couldn’t venture into their hosts home to utilise the little boys room if caught short, the rule lacked clarity how that conundrum might be overcome. That is, of course, without using mine host’s garden as a latrine…….. Additionally, yours truly has no idea if new lockdown edicts have closed the loophole whereby it appeared acceptable to drive to Barnard Castle wearing a blindfold.

Anyhow, June is here!….. A new dawn, new day and a new month….. Despite cynicism that we’ve met the new calendar boss who’s watch will be same as the old boss, it’s essential I procure a smidgeon of enthusiasm for what awaits in the next few weeks.

After all, Premiership and Championship football is scheduled to return on the 17th and 20th June respectively. Horse racing is back today, and soon a social distancing compliant new series of Man v’s Food hits the screens. A show I not only enjoy, but after three months of lockdown dietary indiscipline I’m possibly gluttonous enough to partake in.

Additionally, I should attain a level of brio with the weather picking up, subsequently improving health via raised vitamin D levels. Not to mention, my son turns 30 this month. Grass seed is also on offer at Harry’s Horticultural Emporium, affording me a less costly opportunity to improve the sartorial elegance of my lawn.

Cheer up, Strachan!!!!… After all, as Buddha advocated “The mind is everything.  What you think you become.”

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