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Just Fat Crying

Following last week’s hiatus while York in situ, this morning yours truly partook in a fitness class for the first time in ten days. A session where it became clear the sabbatical from exercise, along with consumption of a significantly less healthy diet, had taken its toll on the author’s […]

Exercise Plans & Home Repairs

This morning a gym class, along with overseeing the replacement of a toilet flush mechanism at my marital home, held priority over chronicling this essay. Consequently, it was 2.30pm before my posterior parked itself on a cafe shop chair to pen these reflexions decalees. I’m not overly fazed by this […]

What Do I Owe You?!

Today sees a late start to yours truly chronicling my daily observations. Due to two visits to the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC) with Mrs Strachan senior, it’s now almost 4.30pm as I commence jotting down Tuesday’s notions. The initial sojourn to the south Leeds retail outlet embarked upon to […]

At The Peloton’s Rear

Today, yours truly’s exercise class of choice is the inaugural Studio Cycling session at a Leeds leisure centre. Not the intensive and deeply exerting spinning type of pedal work; moreover a gentle easing into the world of gymnasium cycle activity….. Or so I’m assured by the leisure centre operative with […]

On The Road To My Horizon

Later this morning I’m scheduled to participate in a Pilates class; this event yours truly’s inaugural undertaking of this increasingly popular physical fitness system. I’ve played Pontius Pilate in a school play, but I don’t believe the exercise session I’ll shortly embark on is linked in any way to the […]

Green Shoots

It’s been a productive week for yours truly. Seven days where I’ve indulged in a far physically and mentally healthier lifestyle, including three gym visits, a cathartic choir rehearsal and a much needed period of sobriety. A lifestyle adjustment meaning, if I could desist from unhealthily munching so many bags […]

Treadmill Vogue

I’ve spent the last few hours taking my mum for her weekly comestible shop at a south Leeds supermarket. During today’s oft challenging sojourn, taking the opportunity to collect a phone whose tariff I’d upgraded to yesterday evening, along with investing in new and more en vogue gym kit. The […]

The Wheels Are Rolling

Akin to a learner driver in control of a manual transmission automobile, with a wee sense of achievement, this morning I’ve tentatively reached a metaphorical clutch and accelerator biting point. An event which consequently set in motion the dawning of yours truly’s 2020 New Years resolutions. This morning my attendance […]

Payback Time

This morning saw my first gym circuit session since an over-indulgent weekend celebrating a mates retirement in Bedfordshire. An exercise class my three nights of decadence turned into a GJ Strachan perspire-fest. My avariciousness within the shadows of the Chiltern Hills coming back to haunt me in the shape of […]