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Payback Time

This morning saw my first gym circuit session since an over-indulgent weekend celebrating a mates retirement in Bedfordshire. An exercise class my three nights of decadence turned into a GJ Strachan perspire-fest. My avariciousness within the shadows of the Chiltern Hills coming back to haunt me in the shape of the little known medical affliction called waterfall forehead. Its aesthetically  displeasing symptoms including a sufferers hairline producing a Niagara Fallsesque […]

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Beep, Beep!

Simultaneous to his heartbeat, the beeps grew faster as his exertions increased. These ever quickening pings, designed to test GJ Strachan’s physical fitness, reminding him of mid-January and his four day audio accompaniment produced by the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) cardio monitors. The start of a post-heart attack journey which didn’t end yesterday, but encouragingly saw a successful conclusion to his cardio rehab fitness programme. Strachan leaving John Smeaton Leisure […]

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The Choir Invisible Risible?!

Following the recent emptying of garbage bins by refuse collectors, the wheelie bin cleaning guy is currently treating our cul-de-sac’s rubbish receptacles to a monthly spruce up. A £3 jet clean removing the cylinders interior and exterior detritus, providing a sparkling facade, along a pleasant fragrance courtesy of sanitising spray. I’m unclear what cologne this chap dowses upon the newly pristine wheelie bins. However, it presents a fresh, clean aroma that’s […]

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Barcode Banality

It’s my first gym session with the NHS cardiac rehab team this aft. Although my pre-assessment meeting was at the beginning of April, where I performed encouragingly well in the beep test, today’s was the first gym slot they could accommodate me. My contract with the post-cardiac arrest nurses/trainer entitles me to two fitness sessions as week for six weeks. These physical activities aimed at strengthening the heart muscle damaged […]

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One Small Step

Tomorrow sees my long-awaited post cardiac arrest health assessment. This a pre-requisite so cardio rehab staff can formulate a bespoke rehab plan for me to utilise at my local gym. This fitness strategy being drawn up to strengthen my heart muscle after it sustained moderate damage during the life-threatening incident. A plan that, although not mandatory, is an available and clearly sensible approach to follow. Hopefully, in association with my stents, […]

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One Step Beyond

I’ve been lax with my rehab exercise regime over last couple of days. This tardiness including not having walked for any decent duration since Monday when I trekked to the back of beyond. This a distant place that smells of antiseptic mouthwash and uses the old Spanish currency peseta as its legal tender. The back of beyond is a decent enough place to visit, but yours truly couldn’t live there […]

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Literature, Leg Warmers & Lactate

The sound of a TV fitness broadcast is within earshot as I commence this literary offering. Sitting on my posterior in my dining area, I grow evermore uncomfortable as I listen to a doctor relaying the health risks of physical inactivity. This discomfort a consequence of knowing all too well I currently neglect that particular element of self care. Writing provides an excellent mental workout, however it bestows little, if […]

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