Following last week’s hiatus while York in situ, this morning yours truly partook in a fitness class for the first time in ten days. A session where it became clear the sabbatical from exercise, along with consumption of a significantly less healthy diet, had taken its toll on the author’s physical vigour.

The above circumstances contributing to perspiration output levels which evoked memories of my trip to Ontario last October when witnessing Niagara Falls for the first time.

Perhaps from a position of naivety, I didn’t realise how much missing a week’s exercise would negatively impact my energy levels. Finding this morning’s fitness work considerably more exerting than I remember of late, it was soon clear seven days of over-indulgence had undone the physical benefits attained during the proceeding month of hard work within various Leeds leisure establishments.

The increased fitness levels noticeable the week earlier, materialising from the aforementioned month of frequenting health circuit and pilates classes, seemingly lost in a mere quarter of the time it took to enhance them.

As a result of this seemingly unfair fitness science, GJ Strachan now requiring a return to the old drawing board when seeking robust strategies for achieving effective long term physical well-being.

Footnote – To clarify, the old drawing board is identical to the new drawing board, with the one notable exception it was constructed five years previous to the latter; a time when these aids to design didn’t adorn epaulets and lapels. 

The old drawing board

Despite babbling of uncertainty regarding strategies to achieve and maintain long-term physical health, in reality it’s a bit of a no-brainer how to resolve flaws in the initial health plan.

That modification being for yours truly to continue partaking in the multiple fitness classes undertaken for most of January and early February; just not to suffix that month of hard physical graft with a full week of no exercise.

Additionally, in an attempt to avoid a reoccurrence of the fitness setback consequential of last week’s over-indulgence, it’d also be prudent for GJ Strachan to curtail his sporadic habit of pursuing 7-day diets which’d make producers of TV show ‘Man Vs Food’ balk at it’s sheer gluttony.

Those two solutions requiring self-discipline, however should be relatively small adjustments to the original plan, whose longer term fitness benefits would be worth my behavioural and dietary sacrifices.

Yes, I’ve had a bit of a self-inflicted setback with regards to my physical wellbeing, however I’m not overly downcast, remaining determined to get my fitness augmentation aspirations back on track pronto.

Subsequently, I’ve pre-booked four different health fitness classes for this week; exercise sessions held deep within the halls of various Leeds city council leisure venues. This health training involving three circuit sessions and one pilates class.

As is my occasional want, I maybe overthinking things. After all, I’ve no objective measurement at my disposal to confirm my fears of returning to fitness levels held at the commencement of 2020.

The perceived loss of physical vigour I experienced during this morning’s exertions may’ve been a result of the remnants of a long held cold, or even biorhythms currently residing at a less forgiving juncture of their capricious cycle.

Regardless, I’m enjoying this instructor led physical activity. The class format enhancing motivation and attendance discipline which mightn’t be as stoic if flying solo in a gym environment.

Anyhow, as I left this morning’s circuits class perspiring profusely, notions of a motivational saying I’d recently heard sprung to mind….. Thoughts of this adage (below) resulted in walking to the car with a wry grin on my face……