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Brexit Babblings

There were numerous great experiences which enhanced yours truly’s life during my Canadian adventure. Amongst them the warmth of the individuals I deem blessed to become acquainted with; not to mention my serendipity at being given an opportunity to witness some truly enchanting scenery. Since my return it also dawned on me, on becoming reacquainted with British TV, how splendid it was not to hear one mention of Brexit for […]

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I’ve no proof last Tuesday evening’s incident in a Niagara Falls bar was borne out of malice. The potentially scarring act may well’ve been a misunderstanding; or perhaps an accidental oversight by its perpetrators. I’ll probably never get to know. I can be certain, though, that this occurrence caused a moment of unnecessary stress to its hapless victim. A visiting northern Englishman whose aspirations for the evening were simply to enjoy […]

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Knowing The Difference

Mercifully, the jet lag is abating after my recent Rip Van Winkle-esque slumber. A sleep of such longevity it would probably be more accurate to class it as a hibernation on my part. When I woke around 10.45am this morning it was a relief to have returned to a conscious state whereby, for the first time in 48 hours, I at least knew what day it was. Neurological wherewithal which […]

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Has Anyone Seen My Taser?!

The show one of my hosts in Canada stage-managed at Kingston Grand Theatre came to a conclusion yesterday evening. Speaking to production staff at an end of run dinner, they submitted that performances of David Lindsay-Abaire’s play Rabbit Hole had been a great success. The dinner, eaten in a German restaurant on Kingston High Street, named Amadeus gave yours truly the opportunity to mix with more of the actors/production staff. Amateur thespians […]

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Two Firsts!

My last two days in Canada have seen a couple of life firsts for GJ Strachan. My half century or so on this planet never previously exposing me to experiences of watching close hand a theatre production sound and lighting team at work, or in a position where I’d been required to undertake pool maintenance in a residential home (as was they case at my hosts home yesterday). Being born […]

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The King’s Spirit

Today marks the second anniversary of my dad’s passing. Twenty four months during which I learned for the first time in half century on this screwed up planet what loss truly meant. A valuable lesson formed from consequential emotions evoked at the realisation I’d never again being able to share the company of a dearly loved family member. This two years enlightening me that deprivation of anything other than a […]

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Step Away From The Edge!

This morning, an Ontarian fall chill greeted me as I jumped groggily from my bed. The warmth of yesterday, which was my weather companion as I meandered the harbour and town centre of Westport, Ontario, a distant memory as I stood shivering in my undies checking my phone. Prior to announcing I was awake by belching cacophonously, I scratched my head that was still fluffy from last nights events in […]

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