This, my 2514th narrative, will be the last blog I write for a while. My motivation to write these 500+ word daily essays has diminished of late and, perhaps metaphorically, Thursday’s post relating to my mother’s funeral seems a fitting juncture at which to draw a line under this particular literary odyssey – Well, for the time being at least.

To clarify, I’m not going to stop writing completely; GJ Strachan merely intends to climb aboard other literary project vehicles, seeking to re-inject the verve and vigour that’ve started to wain during recent blog creations.

Who knows, yours truly’s desire to pursue this new strategy maybe a consequence of mum’s spirit leading me down another avenue. A conduit which’ll prove more fruitful in the terms of fiscal reward and/or exposure to a wider audience for my penmanship…… One can only dream.

My prevailing lethargy towards penning these journals means even though I’m only 150 words into this final monologue for a while, I’ve little interest in scribing further paragraphs. I will persist, though, as posting such pocket sized prose would be a woeful way to bid you farewell prior to embarking on a blogging hiatus.

I’ve not fully decided on how to prioritise the workload post blogging break, ie which I’m going to pursue first. However, I’ll be endeavouring to pen a kids story surrounding the exploits of my little canine buddy Coco, along with a re-write of a draft book I wrote in 2010 about a telephone emotional support team. The latter a dark drama/comedy relating to the lives of phone answering volunteers and the individuals who seek their support.

The working title for the former project, telling of the lab/retriever crosses exploits, is ‘I Should Coco’. Whimsical prose relaying yarns of how an inquisitive dog gets into and out of scrapes, in the company his eight year old buddy Judd. Tales of friendship, loyalty, adventure and absurdity – Although, not necessarily in that order.

Hopefully, these new enterprises will negate my dwindling enthusiasm for writing which’s tarnished my soul for weeks. Lethargy which’s not stopped me writing everyday, but markedly curtailed GJ Strachan’s ardour for waxing lyrical.

Anyway, following an incident earlier in the week, I feel moved to broach the subject of randomness. This want manifesting from a friend randomly inquiring “Do you like lemon curd?” in the middle of a completely divergent discussion.

The arbitrariness of the inquiry making me laugh heartily, although not as much as last week when the same individual who, for the sake of anonymity, I’ll call Groucho questioned whether I’d seen the size of a horses appendage. The latter a query I answered with the revelation I probably had on TV, before adding hastily that equine penises weren’t something I’d ever made a habit of staring at.

As someone who loves mischievously, and often absurdly, making intentionally silly inquiries bearing no relation to the ongoing conversation topic, the randomness of the inquiry about my knowledge of a horses anatomy manifested the biggest belly laugh I’ve experienced for weeks…… I’ve told Groucho to save the inquiry for the “Have you got any questions?” segment of their next job interview.

Right, I’m gonna bring this last blog for a while to a conclusion…. Thanks to everyone who, over the past six years, took time to read my daily publications on strachan.blog ……. I’ll be back later in the year when hopefully I fall back in love with blogging….. Au revoir.

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