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To Be, Or Not To Be…..

On Thursday, while queuing for what turned out to be a splendid ham and piccalilli sandwich, I noticed a sign hanging close to the shop entrance advertising a charity called Campaign Against Living in Misery (CALM). As I waited for my butty to be freshly made, I scanned further detail about this campaign/charity, of which I’d no previous exposure. From this rare piece of inquisitiveness, I learned CALM has been […]

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On The Last Train To ……..

Friday 8th June – Yesterday, I spoke with a friend stricken by recurrent depressive disorder. A thought-provoking conversation where he revealed the mental lows regularly experienced in the dark corridors his erratic mind. This individual, who for the purposes of anonymity I’ll call Lord Smedley, told of his existence in this mental gutter. A solitary domain where he often resides until the metaphorical cavalry arrive in the shape of happier […]

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The Windows Of My Mind

Yesterday, I received my latest literary offering Flibbertigibbet through the post – A tome containing further excerpts from narratives. Self-published, it contains predominantly light-hearted observations from the depths of my capricious psyche. A 150+ page synergy of diary entries previously published on my website . An amalgam of fiction and fact, I think of these daily journals as my children – Entities I’ve created of which I’m deeply fond. […]

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Dissing The Disease

Tomorrow morning I’ll be partaking in a collection with a bunch of other volunteers for the Marie Curie cancer care. My presence a small contribution towards the raising of funds during the charity’s March Daffodil Appeal campaign. I experience a great deal of satisfaction being a foot soldier in the battalions fundraising the fight on numerous fronts against cancer. An odious, unwanted part of my life since close to dusk […]

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Literature, Leg Warmers & Lactate

The sound of a TV fitness broadcast is within earshot as I commence this literary offering. Sitting on my posterior in my dining area, I grow evermore uncomfortable as I listen to a doctor relaying the health risks of physical inactivity. This discomfort a consequence of knowing all too well I currently neglect that particular element of self care. Writing provides an excellent mental workout, however it bestows little, if […]

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The Hardest Prison

I was chatting to a friend with mental health problems this morning. During our conversation, he used a unusual analogy to describe his current feelings, when he told me he felt like “an overflow car park.” After being asked to elaborate, he explained that he felt that people only engaged with him as a last resort. As I’m not a qualified counsellor, I was surprised when he asked my opinion […]

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Beautiful Servant, Dangerous Master

It was World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. A day of raising awareness about the multitude of illnesses under the mental health umbrella. A global attempt at increasing understanding of the still stigmatised neurological afflictions and maybe educate a few of the ‘snap out of it’ brigade. Additionally, its a day to give mental health first aid to sufferers, supporting them in their fight with their faceless nemesis. […]

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