Sunday 22nd August – In need of reinvigoration after months of sameness, overnight I changed the aesthetics on my website….. Incidentally, that’s the site which required reinvigorating, not me!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m desperately in need of mental rejuvenation. However, I can assure you re-invigorating me under prevailing times would be a significantly tougher task than renovating a website….. It’d certainly be a project taking a helluva lot more than half an hour of tapping away at a keyboard.

Anyway, I digress…..

If truth be told, I wasn’t overly unhappy with the old website style – A design I like to think presented readers with a pleasant enough navigation experience as they scoured the near 2,500 online posts. However, like any brand/product, there gets a point when the look and feel need a freshen up – Hence at 2am this morning, with sleep a very distant memory, the aforementioned spruce up took place.

My new look pages won’t make the content any funnier/more insightful, or worse (I hope). It will, though, welcome my readership aboard the good ship with a heartfelt greeting of “Come on in, kick off your shoes, close the door and embrace the hospitality afforded within the portals of my newly decorated domain.”

This online redecoration a consequence of my graft, in association with a little pinch of pixie dust from my website facilitators WordPress. The webpage factory who, for a fairly reasonable annual outlay on my part, afford me opportunities to present hundreds of thousands of my words online – Along with scores of art pieces borne from my pencil.

An amicable working relationship which sees WordPress asking no questions and me telling no lies….. Well, apart from my fictional pieces; which by definition are wholly, or partly, made up stuff – Pages of prose which for entertainment purposes are riddled with intended whimsical false-witness. A host of 500-800 word narratives which under no circumstances claim to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Trust me, though, the fictional sentences/paragraphs add significantly to the whole readership sojourn. If my journals contained solely factual accounts of my prevailing existence these monologues would be significantly more tepid affairs. – The revamp

As I commence this paragraph, the clock has just struck 3.17am.

Well, it didn’t literally strike as this arbitrary horological milestone was reached. Having a timepiece which struck audibly at 17 minutes past the hour would be eccentric in the extreme – Not to mention bloody annoying during the early hours of the morning clangs…… Unless you slept with the woeful longevity I experience on a nightly basis, in which case you’d be awake anyway and therefore be less irked by the chimes.

Footnote – To clarify, as I’m sure you’re already aware, any overnight audible clock chiming is annoying. I wasn’t striving above to paint a picture that clocks striking at 17 minutes past the hour somehow attained a higher plateau of annoyance.

I really should endeavour to get back to sleep – After all, two to three hours shuteye (tonight’s woeful slumber tally) isn’t sufficient to allow effective next day cognitive function….. Although, despite this, at this juncture I don’t feel overly fatigued. No doubt, though, as the sun goes over the yardarm at midday my body and mind will begin to offer up feelings to the contrary.

Anyhow, hopefully you’ll approve of the new aesthetics provided by Any feedback, either constructive or of a positive nature is welcome.

If my body clock will afford me such luxuries, I’m off for a few hours more kip before my Sunday properly kicks into life….. May all your happinesses by happy and any unhappiness be, errrr…. well, not too unhappy. Or indeed unhappy at all – Although if it bears even a modicum of irk that’s not good.

Perhaps what I probably should’ve proffered to close was a simple, but well-meaning “Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.”

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