Comfort Buying

With it’s predominantly glass construction making my current environment uncomfortably warm, I don’t know how long I’m gonna be able to sit writing in this present spot; a coffee house within a south Leeds shopping centre.

My iced Americano making little impact when it comes to cooling my body temperature, I’m finding the discomfort borne from this incalescent atmosphere is distracting me from the job in hand. Consequently, as it stands, I’m struggling to maintain concentration levels which’d allow the penning of my second blog on this August 2021’s penultimate Sunday.

I’m commencing this paragraph a good half hour or so after the first two were penned. The discomfort of overheating in the coffee shop a catalyst to me tarrying homeward. Although, not before the impetuous purchases (from Next) of a gentleman’s umbrella, a desk tidy, a gents grooming set and a leather bound notebook.

A quartet of impulse buys, none of which I really need, yet for some reason decided would improve the aesthetics of my man bag contents and office desk – Not to mention augment the overall grooming equipment at my disposal.

These purchases unplanned when I left home this morning, now sitting inanimately in my room as a consequence of yours truly’s comfort buying. A trait which, for the sheer short-termism of any brio it imparts, I utterly abhor….. £70 spent – All on items which I don’t really need.

Typically, as I’m unable to find any of my good pens which may look impressive in the new desk tidy, at this juncture my act of showiness has backfired somewhat. I’m certainly not gonna fill an attractive looking stationery receptacle with cheap Bic pens, or indeed those crappy little pencils you get free when filling in purchase slips at Argos.

Consequently, this aesthetically pleasing wooden storage tray will remain empty and forlorn looking until I can locate my fountain nib and metal Parker pen. Unless I incur further expense by acquiring a new expensive pen set on Amazon, which’d again be an act purely for show, not necessity….. An episode made even foolisher by the fact, as no one enters this office/bedroom other than me, no one’d see this writing equipment exhibition anyhow.

Of the quartet of the impulse buys, though, the most misguided is possibly the leather bound jotter. An attractive piece of kit admittedly. However, as all written notes I make are undertaken on my laptop, or mobile phone device, it’s a sheer waste of money.

Sure I could start writing down blog ideas within it’s leaves. However, as I’d have to retype it all electronically later to allow for it to be in a format publishable on my website, I’d be loathed to write a long piece of prose (such as my 500-800 word daily narratives)….. Circumstances which’d involve far too much literary duplication for my liking.

I suppose, I’ll get some use out of the umbrella and the grooming set. The UK’s rainfall levels ensuring that the next need for a brolly is only a matter of a week away at the most; and I’m currently not (or wasn’t until 30 minutes ago) in possession of said precipitation shield.

The grooming set, which can be used for both facial hair trimming and pedicure/manicure procedures will also prove handy. Although as I have one already (just can’t find it after a motherly dementia induced tidy around) I could’ve saved myself a few quid if I wasn’t too lazy to track the original down.

With having four household members to feed, shelter, keep warm and clothe throughout my adulthood, until recently I’ve never wasted money. My frugality shown during the first twenty years of marriage in the shape of only being in receipt of infrequent personal treats of CD’s and the occasional item of clothing. Although even they were mostly gifted to me as birthdays/Christmas presents.

Since turning 50, though, I’ve loosened the purse strings a tad. Treating myself to a Mercedes A-Class car, a new wardrobe, and a series of better quality trinkets of which I’d deprived myself when I’d more than me to provide for.

I do enjoy owning these higher calibre goods; which I deem to’ve earned as payback for sacrifices made in the first two/three decades of my adulthood. That being said, I’ve not yet fully purged the feelings of guilt consequential from comfort buying, which as alluded to above I despise for it short term verve provision.

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