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Getting The Party Started

My adult son Jonathon is currently on a stag do*** for his good buddy Phil, in Prague. Many will argue there was no need to include the word adult as a prefix to son in the first sentence. However, for completeness, I felt moved to point out to those thinking I don’t look old enough to have a 29 year old son that I’d not been reckless enough to allow […]

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Yesterday afternoon, I arrived back in West Yorkshire following an excellent week at a Strachan clan gathering in Aberdeenshire. The five hours it took to drive home from my overnight stop in Dumbarton diminishing energy levels, but not my high spirits borne from seven days of mixing with my tribe. On returning into chez Strachan senior (my mums house), I was immediately bombarded with motherly enquiries about the week’s activities, […]

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Landmark of Sorts

Today’s blog is the 1300th I’ve written/published on my website since embarking on this literary journey at the end of March 2015. Not a milestone of any astonishing note other than perhaps it’s number ending with ’00’, but still a point in my creative odyssey where I feel it’s appropriate to reflect on those narratives that brought me to this juncture. My lexilogical children like my human offspring, legacies […]

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212 Tinpot Avenue

Yesterday afternoon I found myself in central Leeds, ensconced among the Trinity Shopping Centre’s aesthetically pleasing amalgam of contemporary and Georgian architecture…… As I’d only ventured out of the house to get my screwdriver set from the garage, a situation I’d unexpectedly found myself in. Seriously, though, GJ Strachan’s afternoon was spent in our Metropolis’s ever evolving centre. Over a beer, I spent scheduled time catching up with an old […]

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Unhelpful Aide Memoires

It’s 09.58 on Saturday 3rd November. Sitting at the dining room table of my east Leeds domicile, I’m snacking on the Haribo gummy sweets leftover from Halloween washed down by tap water source from a West Yorkshire reservoir (I think).. On the red armchair to my right, lolling unceremoniously adjacent to a cream cushion emblazoned with words ‘Happiness’, perches my laptop bag. In front of me is a small hardback notebook […]

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Begging to Differ

According to a local weather forecaster, today is the last day for a while where Yorkshire will experience unusually warm, windless meteorological conditions. So today is the literal calm before the storm; prior to our long-standing warm spell being displaced by rain, strong breezes and climatic instability. To be honest, I was quite relieved to hear local weatherman Jon Mitchell relay the news of the forthcoming cooling temperatures. In particular, […]

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What Goes On In Film Noir Club….

Via the miracle of social media, yesterday evening I received a ‘Dear Editor…..’ correspondence from a mate purporting to be ‘Disgruntled from Shrewsbury’. During this eloquently worded critique they felt moved to highlight key omissions in yesterday’s narrative England Win, Lake & Calmer. England Win, Lake & Calmer being a whimsical monologue giving a brief insight into our weekend trip to the Lake District along with six other friends. For […]

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