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Bring It On!

This is the first narrative I’ve had the opportunity to pen for a few days. The hours ordinarily spend getting my daily literary fix instead taken up preparing for readings I’ve committed to perform next week in Bedfordshire. Consequently, as opposed to writing a blog on Wednesday and Thursday, yours truly spent several hours editing monologues I plan to deliver to a Barton-le-Clay ladies group next Tuesday. This ‘gig’ an […]

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Has Anyone Seen My Taser?!

The show one of my hosts in Canada stage-managed at Kingston Grand Theatre came to a conclusion yesterday evening. Speaking to production staff at an end of run dinner, they submitted that performances of David Lindsay-Abaire’s play Rabbit Hole had been a great success. The dinner, eaten in a German restaurant on Kingston High Street, named Amadeus gave yours truly the opportunity to mix with more of the actors/production staff. Amateur thespians […]

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

On Sunday, my Canadian odyssey continued unabated, when I moved east from Newcastle village, Ontario to Brockville, Leeds county. My new residence a family home, also in the province of Ontario, a few hundred yards north of the St Lawrence River. A vast waterway on the Canadian/US borders which from the side I stand gives opposite bank views of northern New York State. I’m staying with a family I’m acquainted […]

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Hair Yesterday, Gone Today!

In an event of laxness by yours truly, this morning I inadvertently reduced my four week beard to stubble. This grooming carelessness occurring during a planned trim of my overgrown facial hair using clippers adorning a number two guard. After the clippers first foray into my beard it was clear from the stubble length, when compared to the remaining beard, that I’d commenced the visage tidy up with razor bereft […]

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It’s Probably Me

The other day I inadvertently, but gratifyingly, came across an emotive Gregory Porter cover of the song It’s Probably Me, originally brought to audiences attention on Sting’s 1992 album Ten Summoner’ Tales. Porter’s version of a refrain performed live in front of an audience including the former the Police frontman, during 2017’s Polar Music Prize Ceremony. Written by a trinity of rock royalty, Eric Clapton, Michael Kamen and Gordon Sumner […]

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LS Lowry in LS9

This morning on social media I saw an advertisement for a soon to be released movie titled Mrs Lowry & Son. Dubbed an untold story of one of the UK’s most lauded artists LS Lowry, the movie’s remit to divulge the Manchester-born painter’s struggle for acceptance by the early/mid 1900’s art establishment. An odyssey seeking his deserved recognition which saw his mother as one of his sternest detractors. As a […]

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A Ship Called Dignity

As you take over the weekly baton from W/C 12th August, come on then (W/C) 19th August 2019, spill the beans. Let us impatient types, unfazed by spoiler alerts, have a clue what this next seven days hold. I’m unaware if you do requests; however on the off-chance you do, is there any hope you can bequeath a less dramatic life footprint than your predecessor? Instead, introducing into chez Strachan serenity […]

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