A Memorable Night On The Tiles

Scene – It’s Saturday 19th December 2015. In a north Leeds social club, two men over 40 (that’s years old, not pints downed) are stood with a crowd of around 100+ people awaiting a music gig commencement.

The younger of the two, is in the midst of a home bathroom drama so bad he’s got his own theme tune. Despite his renovation disenchantment, though, he remains positive, explaining to his less musically street-wise mate the forthcoming act comes highly recommended by his barber. The elder one smiles, silently hoping the crimper’s music taste is better than his scissor skills.

The act starts, which the 50something geezer inanely reviewed as follows:-


Yesterday evening I was at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, taking in a gig by a guy named Tony Wright. For those who don’t know him, he was the front man of the band Terrorvision. ……… Actually, even if you do know him he was still the front man of the band Terrorvision.

tony wright

It was less a gig, more like listening to a mate telling funny stories in the pub, interspersed with him playing songs acoustically. To clarify, he isn’t my mate it was just an analogy.

Admittedly, it’s not a great analogy as, like me, you’ve probably never had a mate who pulls out an acoustic guitar in a pub and starts singing. However, I’m hoping you get the picture……… If you do, can you let me in on it as I’ve not got a chuffing clue what I’m on about!!

I’ll be honest and say, before yesterdays gig, I’d never heard much of Tony Wright’s material. I’ve an eclectic taste in music, however I’ve been suspicious of the Bradford music scene since 1984, following the Black Lace release of novelty pop song Agadoo.

I have to say, though, after last nights gig I’m a convert not just to his style of music, but also the overall entertainment provided from his very funny inter-song banter.

In September 2014, Wright released his debut solo album ‘Thoughts ‘N’ All’. The album was met with a positive review on Pureawk.com which called it “Down to Earth, unpretentious and easy to get on with”.

I plagiarised that paragraph above from Tony Wright’s Wikipedia entry. On my website garystrachan63.com , I would review it as “Down to Earth, unpretentious, easy to get on with and chuffing miles better than Agadoo!”

You have to be careful on Wiki mind you. I originally wrote that Wright’s music is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic, unaccompanied sacred song of the western Roman Catholic Church. Then I realised I was on the Gregorian Chant Wiki page and had to delete the flipping thing!

There was quite a spread in the age demographic of the audience. I would say ages ranged from people in their 20’s up to the old guy sat at the back. Apparently, he’d ventured in there accidentally while searching for the bingo.

On stage with Tony Wright was his band mate Milly, a talented guitarist who looks like a cross between Paul Lewis, from BBC’s Money Box and a grown up Kevin the teenager.

People might wonder why, if I’d never heard these guys music before, I ventured out on a December evening when the Strictly Come Dancing final was on TV.

I’d be lying if I said it was due to my maverick, live life on the edge personality. Moreover, my mate Mike asked if I wanted to go and I said “Yes!”……. Plus, he promised to stop rabbiting about his bathroom tile drama if I went.

With it being his birthday Mike had pushed the boat out and bought us hospitality tickets for the show.

It meant that not only did we receive splendid entertainment on stage, but we got to play bingo with Tony, Milly and the old bloke after the gig. Mike was disappointed hospitality didn’t include Tony Wright offering to finish his tiling, but didn’t let it spoil his enjoyment of the evening.

I’m unaware if the ex-Terrorvision man is any good at tiling, but he can’t be any worse than the original fitter that Mike got lumbered with.

This is the first time I’ve written a review of a gig. What do you mean you can chuffing tell?! Anyway, one thing that did strike me was the evenings overall entertainment both musically and whimsically; not to mention the joy it seemed to impart on fellow audience members.

I was that impressed I tweeted the following to Tony Wright after the gig:-

Gary Strachan@gjstrac63

@LaikaTone great gig tonight! Great music, very funny links and most importantly you didn’t spoil the fucking Strictly result!

At around 11 pm Tony and Milly finished their last song to a huge ovation.

As they left the stage with the crowd plaudits diminishing, the old guy at the back stood up and shouted “House!”


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