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Music Hotter Than July

This is my second attempt at commencing today’s narrative. The hundred or so words I originally penned disappearing into an e-ether after, while hindered by having to wax lyrical on my mobile phone instead of laptop, inadvertently deleted the draft. They say a bad workman blames his tools. However, in my case earlier, it was me being a tool that was the catalyst to brief ineptitude at my art. Not […]

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Villanelle’s Cafe

As a fan of it’s excellent first series, the other day I began watching the second series of drama Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer. The story of the hunt for a psychopathic Russian hit woman played by Jodie Comer; the Scouser winning a Best Actress BAFTA for her convincingly evil portrayal in the season one. Last year, on learning of the actresses surname my first notion was whether she’s related to […]

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Burning Up His Fuse Up There Alone

As I start this monologue, yours truly lounges unceremoniously in a dining room armchair. Ten minutes earlier I was dining unceremoniously in a lounge armchair?! This maverick misuse of architectural design a juxtaposition of which I’ve a self-indulgent weakness. On commencement of this sentence my wife Karen has kindly wandered from the kitchen bearing gifts of a mug of tea and a piece of velvet cake, which she carries with […]

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Angel Contemplating My Fate

Recently, I’ve felt moved to pen a few unreliable memories from my upbringing on Low Fell. The Gateshead borough which on its southern border, shared with Low Eighton and Birtley, resides one of the countries most iconic sculptures, the Angel of the North. When I left my parent’s three bedroom semi-detached home on Dorchester Gardens in 1987 would’ve been only a twinkle in the designers eye. Like George Bailey’s guardian angel Clarence in […]

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The Slowest Milk Cart In The East

For the last few hours I’ve been watching Fiddler on the Roof. To clarify, that’s the 1971 movie adaptation of the award-winning Broadway musical, not that I’ve just witnessed Rolf Harris making a rooftop prison protest. An epic movie of just over three hours duration, the production was the winner of three Academy Awards (Best Music, Scoring Adaptation and Original Song Score), The film also received nominations in several other […]

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Annus Mixed Fortunesius

I’ve decided to undertake an easier literary route with’s final posting of 2018. Taking a lead from various media channels at this time of year, I’m going to look back over snippets of my content postings during the past twelve months. My informational sources the insight data available to me via administrative access on, in conjunction with a brief scan through my years literary output. According to this […]

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They Can Be So Bad For You!

Friday evening saw Mrs S and yours truly sitting in Block 104 of the first direct Arena, Leeds. Our venture’s motive to witness one Richard Paul Astley from the manor of Newton-le-Willows entertain us and 13,000 others with a night of pop and contemporary refrains. As I’ve written previously, my wife Karen has an endearing quirk of mispronouncing artists names and, prior to the gig, insisted the host for the evening […]

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