Not About The Renaissance

My recent run of being delayed in commencing a daily monologue reoccurred again today. The start of my literary venture delayed until around 4.40pm, as a consequence of a pressing voluntary work appointment, along with later prolonged Internet connectivity problems with my laptop.

As is the case with most of my yarns, I’ve no idea what today’s topic will be. The only thing I can say with certainty, the subject won’t incorporate the cultural bridge afforded by the Renaissance period between the Middle Ages and modern European history.

I’ve nothing against that particular period of history, but I’ve no intention of penning a narrative on the subject, hence my certitude. I don’t feel well enough versed on the four centuries of the Renaissance to write an informed narrative on it’s merits, or otherwise.

Of the little I do know, I’m aware one of it’s most acclaimed and versatile exponents, Michelangelo, painted the frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel……… Not to be confused with Tesco’s worker Christine Chapel who recently painted her kitchen ceiling.


I suppose if I really thought about it, I do know snippets about the work of Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo. Although as I watched Ninja Turtle cartoons endlessly when my son was younger, so I bloody should!

They say that the Renaissance scholars attempted to focus on Latin and Greek literature/history. Moving away from the predominantly taught Arabic texts. Incidentally, I didn’t learn that at school, it was a snippet from my chum Bing (the one who searches for information, not the one who dreams of a white Christmas).

There wasn’t much call for studying that period of history at Heathfield Senior High School, in Gateshead in the late 1970’s. That particular subject’s syllabus mainly consisted of, local football team, Newcastle United’s history……. If you think that’s a strange topic to study in that lesson, you should see how long it is since they won a major domestic trophy!

As a football fan of Leeds United (my place of birth and roots), I had little interest in the history lessons relating to other teams. It has to be said though, things have moved on in north east education prospectuses; ‘Ant & Dec Studies’ just one of the innovative courses now open to pupils.

Other additions to the September 2017 syllabus, such as ‘The Announcer off Big Brother Studies’ and the ‘A’ Level in ‘Advanced Jimmy Nail’, have also proved popular.

Due to the delay in writing this inanity, I’m penning this element of the blog sat at the table with one eye on the grill; attempting to ensure the sausages for my tea don’t incinerate. Another distraction while journaling my daily thoughts; yet more non-problems to avert my attention from real problems.

The sausages have only got another five minutes, so I’ll have to conclude today’s prose later. I’ll endeavor not to make the ending about how well-done and flavorsome the sausages were. I’d like to think I have the creative wherewithal to avoid finishing with an insipid ending like “Bloody hell, those sausages were lovely!”

15 minutes later …………… “Bloody hell, those sausages were lovely!”

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