It’s Happy Hour Again!

I was in the north east of England on Monday and Tuesday. While up there I took the opportunity to catch up with an old mate from Low Fell, Gateshead. A pal who, regardless of how many months since we last met, ensures our verbal jousting continues as though it'd been the previous Friday. A … Continue reading It’s Happy Hour Again!

In The Company of Mike & Spike

In the company of a pal of mine, yesterday evening I went to see a gig at the Brudenell club, Leeds. This an odyssey to see a band called The Quireboys - A synergy of musicians with roots in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scotland and a Llandudno B&B (allegedly).  I'll be honest and admit it's a band I'm … Continue reading In The Company of Mike & Spike

The Chippy On Dawlish Gardens

Today's 'To Do List' includes taking mater for her weekly food shop. A well choreographed routine spent at the White Rose Shopping Centre (WR), Leeds, starting with a Costa coffee, purchase of comestibles from M&S, calling in Clintons for a greetings card, before the main weekly shop for consumables at Sainsburys. As I alluded to … Continue reading The Chippy On Dawlish Gardens

Pint at The Jolly Miller

Scene - Outside a public house on Low Fell, Gateshead in 1982. A winter's night when..... Actually, I'll leave it to the sinister voice of Vincent Price to paint the picture...... "Darkness falls the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorise the neighbourhood. Although you fight … Continue reading Pint at The Jolly Miller

Penny Lane

I was a few months short of my fourth birthday when The Beatles released their progressive pop offering Penny Lane. A song for which, even with naivety consequential from my then pre-school vantage point, I possessed a great fondness - An affinity which has remained with me for the next half century. Whenever I hear … Continue reading Penny Lane

Vicar in Sock Tags

I'm sitting having lunch alfresco as I quill this quixotic qualitied chronicle. A mushroom and ham pizza, along with a refreshing cider shandy with ice the accomplices to my crime against literature. Unlike an egg, you can't beat an mushroom and ham pizza - A topping invented by god because he found a meat feast … Continue reading Vicar in Sock Tags

England Win, Lake & Calmer

After a hectic few weeks of adventuring by train to gigs, historic cities, international cricket games, and basking in the stunning Lakeland scenery, I'm happy to report I've quieter few days ahead. Writing, along with the maintenance of two family gardens thus far being my only scheduled activities for this week. I'm unsure as to … Continue reading England Win, Lake & Calmer