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“Turkey Salad with Mayo Again?!”

Last week I wrote a narrative containing untrustworthy recollections from my senior high schooldays in Low Fell, Gateshead. Within those memories I touched upon a sandwich shop called The Griddle – During my schooldays a ‘go to’ source for midday refreshment. In the 1970s/80s, this Durham Road deli was heavily […]

Schooldays Beside The Old Oak Field

“Who wants a game of Japs and Commandos?…. Who wants a game of Japs and Commandos?” A schoolyard enquiry frequently heard at Oakfield Junior School during my fledgling education years of 1968-1974. A chant ordinarily started at breaktime by a small number of boys intent on attracting recruits for their […]

Making the Grade?

It’s ‘A’ level results day. Up and down our green and pleasant land, thousands of apprehensive students will be tentatively opening envelopes, hoping their academic efforts have achieved aspiration grades. As they rip into brown envelopes with thumb, letter opener or (if overly enthusiastic)hammer and chisel, thoughts of how future […]

Walking Among The Destined

I had a odyssey over to Cheshire yesterday to retrieve my mother from my sister Helen’s home – A locale where she’d been residing for a week or so. From my understanding, mum’s mission to the other side of the Pennines was to stop our Helen and husband Steve from […]

Not About The Renaissance

My recent run of being delayed in commencing a daily monologue reoccurred again today. The start of my literary venture delayed until around 4.40pm, as a consequence of a pressing voluntary work appointment, along with later prolonged Internet connectivity problems with my laptop. As is the case with most of […]

A Happuth Of Chips

Yesterday was a quiet news day for yours truly. With the exception of writing a blog, eating soup with crackers and watching the Ealing comedy classic The Lavender Hill Mob, Monday 20th February witnessed a paucity of activity in the existence of GJ Strachan. If truth be told, I could have taken the excitement […]

Inspiration From A Proper Leeds Writer

Following the end of yuletide festivities with the family, things are a bit flat in chez Strachan today. I’m home alone this afternoon and, while I wait for slapdash intruders Merv and Harry to arrive, I am attempting to pen a second blog of the day. Will I succeed in achieving this objective? […]

Hypertension, Hyperbole & A Carpet Hypermarket

Evidently, the 17th May is World Hypertension Day. This originated in 2005 with the goal of educating and raising awareness of ‘the silent killer’. No, not the West Midlands hitman Frankie ‘Quiet Man’ Haithwaite**, I’m alluding to the condition of high blood pressure. The recommended blood pressures are less than […]