It’s Turned Out Nice Again

If you’re in the fortunate position to fulfil this option, today’s a day to stay indoors with the central heating on full, a Christmas movie or two on TV, along with partaking in an unseemly scrap with the rest of the household over who gets to wrap themselves in the sofa’s throw.

The latter a family tradition going back years, even before we owned a sofa throw. Back then we just scrapped to keep warm!…… Clan members fighting each other then acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Fairly conclusive confirmation, if required, of the family tree research which unearthed the presence of Irish blood in my brood.

With regards to the coldness of this West Yorkshire morning, my daughter Rachel would no doubt opine the current UK temperatures are barmy in comparison to the freezing temperatures she currently endures in colder Canadian climes. The sub-zero weather recently allowed her to walk on frozen water; no mean feat when you’ve cloven hooves and dragon-like fire breath.

I’m only kidding, Rach!

I’m unsure why I wrote the message to my daughter in the sentence above. After all, she refuses point blank to read any of the 980 narratives/sonnets I’ve penned on these rambles of inanity, insanity and other things prefixed with ‘i’ and suffixed in ‘nity’.

You can say what you want about my youngest offspring, but she’s a bloody good judge of what should and shouldn’t be read during her leisure time. In fact, she’d rather indulge in the pastime of skydiving than reading my literary efforts. I’m hoping she meant with a parachute!

It’s just started snowing outside. We’ll have to see if it’s heavy enough to lay on this hallowed ground in West Yorkshire, which was mentioned in both the 11th century Domesday Book and a 21st century Darren Day book (a Christmas present I gave my wife last year).

According to my missus, entertainer Day’s grandfather worked with George Formby back in the day (excuse the pun). My Birtley lass appeared mightily impressed that his family lineage not only included a legendary song and dance man, but also the bloke whose input helped invent the George Formby grill…… I think she may have got her Georges a little muddled!

As I commence this paragraph, my other half is searching through over a hundred cable stations for a Christmas movie for us to view this afternoon. Due to the strict parameters of actor and genre she’s set herself, I suspect it’s going to be a fruitless task for my spouse……. I’m pretty sure a movie doesn’t exist where Darren Day plays Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchett was portrayed by Harrison Ford.

Looks like this afternoon’s watching TV will be placed on the back burner. Usurped in the entertainment pastimes by Karen reading more revelations about Darren Day, as she sits huddled in an armchair wrapped in the sofa throw……. Well, she will if she wins the scrap!

Meanwhile, after cleaning the insides of the windows, I’ll cook chicken on our George Formby grill for dinner; hoping on serving it I can inform the wife “It’s turned out nice again, ‘ant it!”


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