The Strange Case of Rachel’s Case!

I’ve just returned from the White Rose (WR) Shopping Centre in Leeds. I personally didn’t buy anything and not a great deal happened that I can relay. However, I like a challenge and if all else fails there is always artistic licence to fall back on!

We ventured to the out of town shopping centre on a whim. I had to go on a whim as my car wouldn’t start! It wasn’t the most comfortable journey I’ve experienced but beggars can’t be choosers!

white rose

Once at the WR Centre, we headed towards Debenhams department store, as my daughter Rachel needed a suitcase for an up and coming trip. After much pondering and wheeling cases back and forward as though vacuuming, she opted for a large hard-sided case.

This four wheeled monster was teal of colour and was so big she was required to purchase road tax for it!

I pointed out to the vacuuming analogy to Rachel whilst she wheeled the luggage holder around. As she didn’t have a clue what vacuuming entailed, my daughter just looked back blankly! …… I’ll have to get the magic fairy who cleans her room, cooks her meals and washes her clothes to explain!

There is a proper name for the type of case Rachel had purchased, but I can’t think of it so (when back at home) I asked my wife Karen “What are those hard sided suitcases called that Rachel bought?”

After a few seconds of silence, she responded “I dunno! Just a suitcase I think!” ……. So anyway, I haven’t got a clue what the proper name for this style of suitcase is. I’ll add it later ,if I find it out before I publish this blog!

In Karen’s defence she was a bit distracted when I raised the question, as she was busy listening to the musical Gypsy at the time.

To clarify, I’m not referring to the Broadway stage show. I’m talking about her watching a singing traveller laying tarmac in the front room! ….. God knows how he got the heavy roller through the front door!

Anyway, back to when we were at the White Rose Centre and Rachel’s new suitcase. After Karen had checked with her mum that buying a teal coloured suitcase wasn’t unlucky, Rachel paid for her hard-sided case and we headed towards the escalator.

teal case

On the way out, a woman and her husband wheeled passed us with an identical suitcase. While they wandered through the cosmetic department towards the store exit my wee Mrs, being an affable sort, engaged them in conversation.

Karen smiled at them and asked if they’d also just purchased the impressive hard-sided luggage holder. …. I didn’t catch their response but according to my spouse they hadn’t; they’d just spent a 7 night vacation in Debenhams haberdashery!

After Karen had picked up a Debenhams Departmental Holidays brochure for 2016, we headed towards the food mezzanine at the centre of the WR Centre. Karen and I are on a ‘low self-discipline diet’ so went for a McDonald’s.

Rachel, who is on a ‘high maintenance diet’ (she f***ing whinges no matter what we make her), chose a jacket potato!

After we took our seat and had ritually picked out the gherkins from my Big Mac, Karen opened the travel brochure. “Do you fancy 7 night break in Debenhams haberdashery, Gary?!” she asked me, as she flicked through the glossy brochure pages.

“No way! That’s a ridiculous suggestion! ….. I’d consider 7 nights in the furniture section, though!” I responded, before discarding of the burger in error, leaving me with just the gherkins I’d removed!

After sustenance (of sorts) we ventured to book our vacation; leaving for home shortly afterwards!

Despite not having much for lunch, at least we returned to Chez Strachan with a 7 night break in Debenhams furniture department to look forward to, not forgetting a bloody big case we can borrow! …… Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll need to renew my passport?!

Right, I’m off to check on my newly tarmac’d front room and make some room in the garage for Rachel’s case!


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