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It’s All In The Nickname

Public schools, the breeding ground of our future leaders, captains of industry and an elite who will save us the energy of thinking for ourselves while they subliminally mould us into acquiescence. Let me begin by saying, as a man who was educated at comprehensive schools in 1970’s Gateshead, in the north east of England, I have no experience at all of what a public school education looks or feels […]

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The Curiously Named Vegetarian Cat

Currently bereft of a topic for today’s narrative my eye (well both eyes really) is drawn to the behaviour of two of the neighbourhood cats. One of which is sat on my front lawn, while the other cavorts with abandon in my back garden. While Marmalade gorges on the spoils of a recent hunting expedition on my front grass, another cat is playfully chasing a leaf being blown in the […]

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Tales From Waiting Area 3

Another day, another hospital waiting room. Today, I’m in Waiting Area 3, which is very similar to Waiting Area 2 and not unlike Waiting Area 1. However, it has to be said it’s a great improvement on Waiting Area 4 which was full of car tyres and exhausts……. Although I might be confusing that with when I was at Frank’s Tyre Centre in Halton last week! I’ve come to the […]

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Farnley’s Nicest Hands 1957

Recently, I had a bit of wake up call. An epiphany where it dawned on me just how hard my parents had worked to provide my siblings and me with a comfortable, warm and secure upbringing. Were they the thoughts of a man coming to terms with his own mortality, following a many recent stories of family and friends with serious health issues? Who knows? Our postman Bob says it […]

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Return of The Prodigal Son

It was good to have my son Jonny and his girlfriend Jenny visit yesterday afternoon. To celebrate the return of the prodigal son, we lit the bbq, dining heartily on a fatted calf (well sausage, beef burgers and ribs). When I call him the prodigal son, I’m not making comparisons to Jesus’ parable of the same moniker. Well except from the amount I miss him and the fact we feasted […]

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Duk, Duk, Duk Olive

Karen returns from a few days break to see her parents today. I had the option of visiting her mum and dad in the People’s Republic of Birtley (PRB) or treating the fences and trellis work in my back garden…… It didn’t take me long before I headed down to Homebase for the wood treatment. I shouldn’t be so nasty really as they are people of great humanity. For example, […]

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She Hasn’t Got Two Ha’Pennies……

In times of seemingly endless negative and disturbing news stories, escalating worldwide political/religious tensions, enduring personal family issues and my en suite light fitting breaking, seeking a pastime to raise the spirits becomes one of life’s necessities. With this in mind, not to mention a desire to ‘give something back’ for the treatment and support Karen has received from a cast of hundreds during her incurable illness, I’ve started collecting […]

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