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Long Live The King!!

It’s another humid day in the West Yorkshire metropolis I affectionately call home. For the third occasion this week, I’m penning my daily narrative at a coffee house within the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC) located south of the city. Once again, the audio companions to my penmanship are the muffled conversations of Costa customers and day-to-day murmurs of WRSC patrons roaming the shopping mall in search of bargains and/or […]

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Shopping Channel Shenanigans

As I write, my wife Karen is watching the QVC channel. With no sign of a phone within her close vicinity I’m hoping it’s merely for research purposes, not with a view to impulse buy a product we really don’t need. Something, we’re been guilty of when under the hypnotic influence of cable shopping channels. Our gung-ho approach too often resulting in justifying to each other the unneeded item purchased […]

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Hope Springs Eternal

I’ve just returned from my inaugural visit to The Springs Retail/Entertainment Park at Thorpe Park, Leeds. A wondrous emporium of clothing, food and coffee provision, bequeathed to this fair metropolis by our corporate masters, innovative architects and a cosmopolitan cast of craftsman. Men who’ve worked around the clock, missing numerous Leeds United games on TV and the ending of drama The Bodyguard, allowing us access to goods our forefathers could […]

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The Chippy On Dawlish Gardens

Today’s ‘To Do List’ includes taking mater for her weekly food shop. A well choreographed routine spent at the White Rose Shopping Centre (WR), Leeds, starting with a Costa coffee, purchase of comestibles from M&S, calling in Clintons for a greetings card, before the main weekly shop for consumables at Sainsburys. As I alluded to above, we religiously follow this retail regime; never calling at M&S, Sainsburys or Clintons first. […]

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“I Only Need A Few Bits, Gary”

Thursday 5th April – Took a brief morning sojourn to the out of town White Rose Shopping Centre for mater’s weekly comestibles. Outside a cloudless teal sky at last paraded a golden sun after the long awaited baton change from winter to spring. The latter having lots of catching up to undertake on the season relay race, following the former’s procrastination on the final straight. I’m unsure about the reactions […]

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Bargain Hunting

Yesterday afternoon, I journeyed by automobile to the fragrant Junction 32 Retail Outlet at Castleford. This out of town consumer utopia is my wife Karen and my ‘go to’ destination if we want a pair of jeans for a 39 pence, or a magical purchase you can’t obtain anywhere else. Quirky items such as a frying pan that can give the current time in 25 major cities, along with a clock that can fry bacon……. Although, […]

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Respite In Spa Town

There was well-earned respite today for the post-surgery carer of Monsieur Strachan senior. A day out in Harrogate the much-needed break for my mum, accompanied by my wee missus. Reward for her challenging few months, including dealing my papa’s irrational new insistence he is addressed as though he’s a Frenchman! Even when the individual is low maintenance, residing in a household with a seriously ill family member is challenging. If, like my pater, your behavioural traits have shifted from an […]

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