A fragrant redolence of lavender accompanies me while penning today’s literary output in Mally’s Bar (the garden patio area I’ve named after my late father) . Its source, you’ll be unamazed to learn, a lavender bush situated around two feet to my left.

This pleasant bouquet soon to be enhanced further by six (soon to flower) sweet pea plants standing adjacent on the bushes left. Or right, depending which way you look at it. For instance, looking from the fence it’s left, however, from my angle looking towards the timber partition …….. well…… erm, I’m sure you can guess the next bit.

The sweet peas standing sentry straight against the twine and trellis, it’s buds ajar ready to impart their full chromatic and fragrant bounty upon anyone lucky enough to make close personal acquaintance.

Lathyrus odoratus (sweet pea) scent so enchanting yours truly hopes that within the next few days I’m not afflicted by the COVID loss of smell symptom…… Well, to be more specific I pray I’m not impacted by any COVID symptoms in the coming days….. Or, indeed, ever!

Footnote – Not that I’ve a lot of faith praying will spare me from coronaviruses wrath. I’ve written of wavering faith in the presence of a spiritual grand designer of late (see Grand Designer), which maybe a catalyst for god being wholly (and holy) indifferent towards answering GJ Strachan’s pleas.

Anyhow, I digress…….

The Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) shrub has afforded folks many uses over the years. It’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties providing respite from discomfort and dried out physical wounds. While its unmistakeable aroma offers mental wellbeing efficacy through imparting calm, subsequently slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

With lavender’s myriad of uses, either in fresh, dried or essential oil format, it’s hard not to conclude Mother Nature is a truly remarkable lady. With just one shrub, environments matriarch affording recovery, comfort and healing options for those seeking alternatives to scientific remedies

Actually, I’ve just had a wonderful epiphany. As I’m still being plagued with discomfort consequential of a strained lateral knee ligament, later on I might see it lavender’s efficacies stretch to easing tendon pain.

I’ve no idea in what form this pain reduction experiment would take. I guess, though, my initial test will play out simply with me rubbing a handful of the plant’s flowers into the area of pain.

Many will look at my proposed pain reduction project as a half-assed plan for removing knee discomfort. However, what’s the worst that can happen from massaging this plants fragrant harvest onto the wound area?! After all, even if it doesn’t afford respite from soreness, it’s unlikely to make the pain worse.

And, if nothing else, at least my knee’ll smell a darned sight better than it does when, on an evening, I remove the protective joint support adorned for most of the day…… Actually, hold on a minute, I’m gonna give this unlikely knee pain remedy a shot now.

Well, it’s a few minutes since I rubbed the purple lavender flowers into the area of knee discomfort, and I kid you not, either through placebo effect or genuine medicinal adequacy, the level of discomfort has noticeably diminished. And, as predicted above, my leg joint now bears the most wonderful Lavandula angustifolia redolence.

God bless Mother Nature and lavender!!…… Now if they can only afford me an alternative cure my recurring low moods that’d be just perfect!

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