Without A Thought

Like a weeping trench foot infection, this Sunday a less salubrious side of my nations social zeitgeist oozed toxically during England failure to secure the Euro 2020 trophy. Supporters behaviour providing evidence, if any were needed, of the ‘without thought for others’ culture flowing through a section of misguided Englanders veins.

Before proceeding yours truly wants to clarify this polemic isn’t being written with any belief I’m a nicer/better person than the individuals whose imbecilic exhibitions I relay. I’d like to think GJ Strachan displays a decent level of humanity, and that I consider how my actions impact others. However, I’m as flawed as the next man (or woman)…… Unless, of course, the next man (or woman) isn’t flawed; in which case the analogy doesn’t ring true.

I’d also like to make it clear I’m not a party pooper. A curmudgeonly middle-age man sitting in his armchair tenaciously scanning news broadcasts for a ‘grumble fix’ born from witnessing younger generational acts of violence and destruction…… Or, perhaps seeing a local bulletin describing a youngster refusing to take out the wheelie bin for old Mr Digger at number 37…….. Other old people who live at other door numbers are available.

No, this narrative isn’t penned from the angle that I’m a better person than any other individual treading the avenues and alleyways of this sceptred isle. They’re mainly observations made from witnessing prevailing behaviour traits, in particular the baffling way certain individuals choose to celebrate…… Ok, I admit yours truly maybe a bit judgemental in the piece, claiming some of our populace are idiots. But if the cap fits, and all that!

I enjoy a drink as much as anyone and, if truth be told, during life on planet COVID I’m veering down the functional alcoholic path. That being said, I’ve never drunk to a point which triggers a switch moving me to exhibit my heightened brio by launching beer bottles skywards without thought or care of crowd injury upon their return from orbit.

The above act just one instance of many irresponsible acts undertaken by drunken revellers prior to, during and after England’s cup final failure. Episodes which lead to my following question to it’s perpetrator, “What possible enjoyment can you get from such wantonly reckless actions?!”

I mean, if throwing bottles into the air while large crowd in situ was such a great thrill wouldn’t Red Letter Days be peddling experience days affording discerning customers opportunities to soak up this consequential esprit?

The company hosting ‘Throw bottles up in the air to injure people’ and ‘Hurling glasses of urine’ events, taking over from paint balling sessions and whitewater rafting for must do stag weekend clambakes. The groom facing the jeopard of a head injury from an errant bottle, instead of bruised testicles from a close range paint ball shot to the….. errrr, well….. balls.

I love witnessing people undertaking good willed celebrations. I’ve watched the documentary moment when Leeds United players/staff knew they’d secured promotion, in 2020, on scores of occasions. Seeing the groups joy during the seconds of realisation they’d achieved their goal of returning Leeds to the Premier League for the first time in sixteen years was a joy to behold.

Likewise, eyeballing a crowds euphoria at music festivals never fails at imparting a smile on this ageing visage either. In fact beholding exhilaration under any circumstance (as long as legal) is great to view. I really can’t understand anyone who wilfully wish other to fail, or derive pleasure when someone’s down on their fortunes.

In conclusion, I’d posit that if your drunken/drugged up party trick is launching bottles, or vessels of urine, into orbit without a care of where or who they hit while heading toward terra firma, you perhaps need to readdress your adrenalin sports choices…… Just a thought!

You’ll notice I’ve not even touched on Sunday’s significantly worse supporter behavioural episodes. In particular the abhorrent racist targeting of the trinity of black England players who missed penalties. Hateful bile spewed by misguided individuals who I’d venture possess not one shred of the humanity or decency of individuals they targeted.

Admittedly, race hate’s a significantly more important topic than my observations on the jeopardy introduced by the idiotic behaviour of inebriates throughout Sunday. However, as a white man who’s not suffered the wrath of racist trolls I feel neither informed enough to write anything other than cliche on the subject.

Yes, it has to stop!! Yes, people need to be made accountable, receiving severer punishments for their toxic diatribes!! However, I’m just not convinced it can change without the perpetrators families stop passing their toxicity from one unenlightened generation to the next…… A huge, huge challenge…… How do you educate the uneducable and those whose ignorance means they don’t want to change?!

I always get the impression that when Johnny/Joanna Englander spout his/her racist bile they give the impression if we resided in a country of purely white Englanders it’d evolve into a utopian lifestyle for all of the populace.

Without even touching on the fact that scenario couldn’t and shouldn’t happen, they don’t appear to get the concept that individuals would merely find other people to hate within their nation. Haters hate regardless of how their existences pan out.

Right, I’m off for a drink…….. Water that is!……. It’s only 10.28am – I’m not that much of a chuffing alchy!!!

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