Grand Designer

After reading elevation would aid the healing process of my strained lateral knee ligament, yesterday evening I retired to bed early with my trusty laptop to watch a movie.

Incidentally, by elevation I’m referring to sitting with the wounded limb at a horizontal angle to the rest of my body. I’m pretty sure the well-meaning quack, whose advocacy I was subscribing to, wasn’t suggesting elevation meant the afflicted relocating to the buildings highest point, ie going upstairs. Which, if it was a thing, would be mighty poor fortune for bungalow dwellers seeking pain relief from leg issues.

Bearing in mind most residents of single story homes are elderly people who’re more prone to lower limb discomfort than those of a younger vintage, if elevation did mean pain relief courtesy of height above sea level you’d perhaps have to question the existence of a god….. Or, at the very least the motives of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade’s first aid manual (SJAB).

Not that I want to bring religion into this brew of mental and physical suffering, or indeed the motives of the St John’s Ambulance Brigade….. The latter seeming a decent bunch – Although, who wouldn’t be when afforded access into all live sporting events gratis!

I’d be far more suspicious of religions motives than those of the SJAB. After all, to the best of my knowledge, this bunch of first aiders/medics don’t form ‘cults’ suggesting we are born sick and commanded to be well…. Or proffer “Suffer little children; Come unto me.” as is suggested in one particular New Testament chapter.

To clarify, I’m not implying god gets a sadistic pleasure from our suffering. Although I struggle to understand why the young who’re utterly unaware that they were ‘born into sin’ can suffer so awfully.

I’d venture on the side of him not existing above there being a higher force who inexplicably imparts great suffering to allow greater appreciation of the good bits which’ll manifest later….. That’s if those good bits ever materialise.

Like everyone else, including his earthly spokespersons of the cloth, I can neither prove or disprove the existence of a grand designer. And quite frankly, I don’t know whether the theist or deist bears responsibility for the burden of proof during those debates……. I will say, though, good luck to however gets such a thankless gig.

incidentally, when writing ‘a grand designer’ in the above paragraph I’m referring to god, not Kevin McCloud, presenter of TV (home revamp) show Grand Designs. McCloud, seems a particularly amiable fellow and as such I’m reticent to tar him with the ‘Likes Making People Suffer’ brush.

You’ll find Kev uses brushes for far more positive, upbeat and productive projects than imparting existential detritus on the undeserved….. This, no matter how outlandish the property design he project manages.

“I can assure you I’m not god!” – Kevin McCloud

As an aside, in a bid to allow an operating system upgrade, yours truly spent a disconcerting few hours yesterday attempting to free up space on my laptop hard drive. Frustratingly, this change to the latest OS version requiring 30gb free disk space to proceed…. 30 bloody gb!!!…. That’s a quarter of my chuffing hard drive!!

This episode going on to play out as an irksome and time-consuming task. Particularly when, following deletion of files with a greater accumulated size than the 30gb required, I’m still being told to remove a further 1.55gb of disk space to allow this OS upgrade to take place. Data, in my tired state, I wasn’t able to find/delete without confidence of not causing system issues.

News which, after hours of hard drive maintenance, led me into a late afternoon tirade of brisk language, along with a decision to revisit the whole operating system s**t show today. A mood not enhanced by the fact my knee was aching like b***ery…. Not that I know how achy the act of b***ery actually is, I hasten to add!!

Anyhow, with the aforementioned mobility issues, GJ Strachan’s weekend is most likely going to be a complete write off. I’ve a few chores to undertake, but whether yours truly can undertake them on crutches remains to be seen. One thing for certain is I won’t be able to apply the first coat of emulsion on my newly revamped bathroom, which was my initial plan for today.

Endeavouring to take a positive from my life being impaired by this latest ligament injury, one plus is it’s affording me significantly more time to concentrate on creative projects, such as the penning of my journals……. So, all is not bad!…… Apart from potentially the reader!

Anyhow, as the East Batley Onward & Upwards Society are oft heard to proffer, errrrr…… “Onwards and upwards!”


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