Deano, Zella and a Giant Bee

Today sees your capricious scribbler looking after my two canine buddies Deano and Zella. As I write, Deano (the Lhasa apso) is sitting at my feet in what appears to be a mood of quiet contemplation.

The wee furry fella displaying the same indifference to ongoing proceedings as yesterday after I inquired if he wanted me to stream Disney’s dog tale animation ‘Lady & The Tramp’ to TV.

I’ve no real idea if dogs (or indeed any other domestic pets) are keen on Walt’s classic feature length doggy yarn. However, working on logic he’s bound to love anything so heavily canine centric, I felt asking Deano if he was up for viewing the cartoon canine caper was worth a punt…… His silence at the query, though, strongly indicating he wasn’t.

Who knows, perhaps Disney animation ‘The Aristocats’ is more up the cream coloured furball’s street. Not that I’m gonna risk streaming those feline centric japes in the presence of my confrontational yapper in crime. A move which’d only introduce the jeopardy of my television being rendered useless by Lhasa apso attack.

11 year old German Shepherd Zella, the less tetchy of my two canine chums, was similarly reticent about wasting a section of her day watching animated mutt movies.

A response of “Go on then, Gaz; put Lady & The Tramp on…… I love the bit where the main doggy protagonists eat spaghetti by candle light.” not forthcoming when asked if she wanted to watch a little Disney entertainment.

The affable larger of the two breeds is currently standing at my feet staring at me. No doubt thinking to herself ‘Stop writing that bollocks, Gaz!…. Go and get Deano and me a dog treat.”

Zells’ caring nature making sure her beloved brother from another mother (and indeed father) also get’s his piece of the food action…… Being a selfish little so and so, whether Deano would afford his sister from another mister similar courtesy is less certain.

As an aside, this morning (while bathroom in situ) I was confronted by a bee of such immense size I thought I’d ventured through a portal into a strange new world ran by giant bees. Or’d unwittingly become an extra in the sci-fi movie ‘A World Run By Massive Bees’…… Well, that’s if such a movie is in production. If it isn’t there darned well should be as I’m positive it’d be a great watch!…. Well, maybe….. Or should that read maybee

Anyhow, I became aware of the gargantuan anthopila walking that chambers vinyl flooring in a slow and apparently distressed state. Witnessing this manifesting thoughts of the beey disenchantment’s source. An immediate notion being his (her) disconcertedness could be his (or hers) size was so vast he’d (or she’d) little chance of becoming airborne.

Luckily the dynamic doggy duo were downstairs when I spotted this freak of anthopilian nature. I say luckily because I’m uncertain how they’d have reacted to my latest ‘house pet’. I’d venture, though, the chances of one of them eating the bee would’ve been stratospheric. As would the pain level the culprit felt when it’ mouth was stung by this giant’s lance-like stinger.

After a shambolic few minutes during which I learned bees can’t be coaxed into used toilet roll tubes with loud exclamations of “Come on, get into the tube you silly bugger!…. I’m trying to save your life!“, I succeeded in persuading the bee aboard the cardboard mother ship. Yours truly, also providing sustenance via a drop of tap water.

After opening the bathroom window, the insect was afforded its liberty by tipping the tube ground wards. Sadly, I’ve no clue whether the bee flew off or plummeted to its death; it’s vastness destroying a garden fence panel in the process of hitting terra firma…… Ah well, not every good turn works out I suppose.

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