Spin The Wheel

Below the mezzanine level coffee house where I’m sitting is an ongoing promotion for MG cars. Well, I’m assuming it’s a automobile promotion, not that the MG ZS and a MG HS PHEV cars I’m looking down upon took a wrong turn in the White Rose Shopping Centre car park, subsequently coming to an inglorious stop in the mall’s centre below.

Seriously, though, I’m pretty confident it’s a promotion. After all, the vehicles (one scarlet, the other police strobe blue) are in pristine condition; not to mention, there are various MG mats and signage in their close vicinity. Additionally, accompanying these automobiles are a couple of young ladies in the manufacturers gilets seeking to persuade passing shoppers into spinning a wheel with a view to winning free petrol.

It doesn’t look like there’s an opportunity to acquire one of the motors on the spinning wheel game, but (who knows) that chance maybe afforded to customers via another promotional channel.

It’s rare these days that I partake in competitions to win anything. Apart from procuring the odd bottle of wine or a tube of yeast infection cream when participating in tombolas, it’s rare I triumph when involved in these clambakes.

Footnote – Incidentally, as you’ve probably already gathered, the yeast infection cream is a joke.

Actually, I tell a lie. I won a giant teddy bear during a 1980’s Christmas raffle in my late teens. This unwanted piece of serendipity meaning at the events denouement I’d to lug this monster toy from Newcastle to south Gateshead (I couldn’t get a cab).

As I meandered across the High Level Bridge, straddling the River Tyne, I was severely tempted to throw the cumbersome thing water ward…… I relented, though, and on the plus side my nine year old sister seemed really appreciative of my rare piece of good fortune the following morning upon presentation of this wrecking ball of cuteness.

To be fair, I only curse my luck at winning competitions. I’m not for one minute pretending I haven’t been blessed with good existential fortune in a life where a secure, loving, nurturing childhood provided me the wherewithal to flourish in adulthood. For all of my prose indicating the contrary, I’ve been truly blessed in many ways during my nearly six decades on this planet.

Actually, one of the main reasons I don’t prevail in competitions is purely a consequence of rarely entering these hooplas. As a result, it’s fair to say it’s not poor serendipity which is my downfall; moreover my failure to adhere to the adage ‘You’ve got to be in it to win it’……. You’ve gotta spin that wheel both metaphorically and in reality, Gary lad!!

I’ve just watched a youngish woman (I guess in her 20s) spin the wheel, which came to rest at the ‘Free Petrol’ segment. Being perched at a different mall level, around 40 metres from the promotion, I’m not party to the rules of the wheel spinning game, however, it looked like the girl received a pen for her efforts.

Perhaps you need to hit ‘Free Petrol’ on a best of three basis to secure that trinket. Alternatively, she may’ve received a voucher surreptitiously……. Who knows; but as she didn’t look overly discontented as she retired with her pen I’m assuming she’d not been diddled out of gratis fuel.

Immediately below me was the former site of the Disney shop which, as it’s shuttered up and bereft of signage, I’m assuming (I’m doing a lot of assuming today!!) has closed down. Blimey, if Walt’s brand being impacted in the prevailing shopping mall zeitgeist isn’t a sign of tough retail times I don’t know what is.

God, if soothsayer had’ve told me two years ago that the UK Disney stores would all be closed, apart from two flagship shops (I’ve just googled it), I’d have thought they were taking the Mickey…… See what I did there?!….. No?…… Blimey, tough audience!

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