The Office

Today’s sees the first blog I’ve written in my newly revamped bedroom/office. Ordinarily penning these essays perched on uncomfortable kitchen chairs, or coffee shop pew, it’s good to report my literary environment’s been enhanced immeasurably by adding a comfort laden office chair to the amended decor.

Only time will tell if my penmanship/creativity output is augmented by re-arranging the layout of this former bedroom. These decor tweaks now affording me space to utilise the aforementioned comfy new seat, along with easier access to the chamber’s hither to unused desk.

Well, to be more accurate, the piece of furniture wasn’t used as a writing accessory – It was, though, previously utilised as a site for dumping books, folders and a plethora of other household detritus.

The new design which’s involved the shifting of a bed, chest of drawers, an armchair and desk to other locales within the chamber significantly improving the aesthetics of this previously unused bedroom. This once cluttered chamber now displaying order, comfort and a welcoming ambience – The very antithesis of the once untidy space which often looked like it’d been invaded by fly-tippers.

Who knows, maybe this furniture relocation will afford the room greater Feng Shui. This Chinese geomancy allowing my energy forces to harmonise with the surrounding environment – Subsequently, improving my well-being by allowing me to bind more effectively with the universe, earth, and humanity.

GJ Strachan’s new writing den

Chinese geomancy or not, my spirits have certainly been boosted from witnessing changes which’ve at long last afforded me the luxury of having a ‘proper’ writing den.

Whether that’s consequential of Feng Shui or placebo, who can say. Not that it matters – The key thing is these decor tweaks provide this erratic northern Englishman with significant catharsis. The contentment source a mere sideshow to the plot line.

It’s amazing how small changes to the zeitgeist can manifest such large contrasts to one’s well-being. When I woke on Saturday morning, the day in which I decided to adapt one of my three bedrooms into an office space, little did I know of the esprit levels such actions would impart…… I definitely should’ve undertaken this a lot sooner.

With the single bed remaining in that chamber, along with a door allowing direct access into the bathroom, I’ve near as damn it created myself an auxiliary bedsit…… As I suggested to a friend earlier today, all I need to further augment these residential arrangements is a beer fridge and cooking facilities; procurements which mean I’d never have to leave the upstairs of my home again.

It’s not just ‘taking delivery’ of a comfortable writing environment which’s taken GJ Strachan’s mood on an upward spiral. By moving a 32″ TV into the room and now utilising that chamber’s armchair as designed (ie to sit on, as opposed to a clothes horse) I can now spend my evenings in far greater comfort than of late……. A welcome change from eventides sitting in the kitchen on my laptop while my mum watches crappy soap operas on the living room TV.

Some may posit “What’s the big deal, Gary?…. As part of life on planet COVID most of the country are in possession of a home office” …….. Assertions which are indisputable.

However, I’d argue the difference between my office and home working environments are my domain affords me space to undertake something I truly love (ie creative writing). Something which isn’t the case for the majority who, I’d suggest, utilise their space undertaking begrudged work roles from financial necessity.

Additionally, as alluded to above, it’s not just the boon of owning a calming realm in which to practise literary and artistic wants which’s been a godsend. The fact I’ve now a demesne away from the irksome soundscape of distant soap opera chatter and my mums snoring massively eases the carer millstone.

After years of battling over my faith, I’m now beginning to err back on the side of believing there’s a god!…. And I’m pretty certain he lives at Staples!!

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