Freak Show

Witnessing the conspiracy theory nonsense being spewed at will during (My Pillow CEO) Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium I couldn’t help ponder whether the adage ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ isn’t without flaws.

Of course, the moustachioed oddball may justify these events with observations individuals want to hear his sage-like words relaying how the US 2020 election was stolen. An argument which, unlike claims he’s proof to back his allegations, does hold some basis in fact.

Although, as any paying punters at these events are predominantly fellow oddballs, conspiracy theorists and graduates of the South Dakota School of Shit Kickery, I’d ask him to temper that hubris a tad.

I’d guess most people who tune in to bulletins about old Linders (can I call you Linders, Linders?) do so with the same agenda as yours truly, ie akin to latter day Victorians motives when visiting freak shows to gawp at The Elephant Man, John Merrick.

Instead of a horribly disfigured face, though, me drawn to the idiosyncratic escapades of a misguided sycophancy – A man desperate for a pat on the head (like a well behaved lapdog) from former president Donald Trump.

Following the moustachioed fella’s woefully inept attempts last week at proving election wrong doing, loyalty which’ll no doubt be repaid by Donny. procuring a bus with which to throw Lindell under.

Actually, I owe John Merrick an apology. That poor man was exhibited against his wishes in front of the prurient masses – In contrast to the My Pillow guy who actively invites individuals to gawp at his freak shows….. Also Merrick may’ve been horrifically deformed, but he can console himself that, unlike the My Pillow guy, he did adorn a f***ing ugly moustache.

Anyhow, back to my thoughts about whether it’s 100% true that ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’……..

With Lindell’s profile and awareness of his bedding accessory company being raised around the globe in the wake of his oddness, tashy may argue his personal and commercial marketing model is working perfectly – After all, it’s pretty clear the favourite pillow peddler amongst white supremacists (maybe) isn’t shy when there’s a camera in the room.

He further arguing that without these habitually humiliating opportunities to pimp his whack job assertions, I, along with millions of other worldwide, wouldn’t have heard of him. A true fact which Mikey boy may use to vindicate the methods in his madness…… Now there are words you don’t often see in a sentence, ‘Mikey’ and ‘true fact’.

It’s at this point where I really wonder if the publicity snake oil salesman Lindell enjoys is always a positive thing. For instance, and I’d suspect I’m not the only person with this opinion, even if My Pillow products afforded me the slumber of a thousand shit kickers, I refuse point blank to furnish his company’s coffers out of principle.

With no skin in the prevailing US political landscape and my well documented long standing sleep-deprivation, some may posit this refusal to give Mike’s pillows a chance is cutting off my nose to spite my face.

An accusation which to some extent is true. However, as I’m absolutely done with the constant perpetuation of the ‘Big Lie’, nine bloody months on since Donald got his ass kicked, there’s absolutely no way I’d put a brass dime in these pockets of these grifters.

Now then, Linders what was that you were saying about the proof you’ve unearthed to show the election was stolen….. Come back, Mike!…… Come back, Mike!….. Where are you going?!

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